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5 Effective Banner Ad Designs to Get More Clicks

Go to any website and more likely than not, you’ll see some sort of banner ad. Banner ads are so ubiquitous with surfing the internet that many people simply look past them. But according to 99designs, there are numerous design tips to ensure your clickable banner ads will not go overlooked.

  1. Use effective banner ad sizesBanner ads come in all shapes and sizes, but according to Google Adsense, the most efficient sizes are 336x280 (Large Rectangle), 300x250 (Medium Rectangle), 728x90 (Leaderboard), and 160x600 (Wide Skyscraper).
  2. Keep it simpleWhen it comes to banner ads, less is more. A clean design paired with razor-sharp copy that gets right to the point will be very effective.
  3. Banners need a clearly-defined frameUsers’ eyes are naturally drawn to banner ads with clearly-defined frames. Even if your ad has a white background, a simple gray border around the ad can make a world of difference.
  4. Stay on brandAll your banner ads should redirect to a landing page. The look and feel of both the banner ad and the landing page should be identical to avoid confusion.
  5. Make it urgentBanner ads often require a hook that draws in the user. Try including a limited-time discount or special offer to get more people to navigate to your site.
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