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4 Benefits of a Website Redesign

There are many benefits of a website redesign, and PBJ Marketing is here to walk you through the process. Although flow and functionality are important, studies show that approximately 94% of users have a kneejerk reaction to a website based on appearance alone.If you’re still hanging on to that website designed in 2002, you could be doing your brand a disservice. So let us take a moment to outline the benefits of redesigning your site:

  • Search VisibilityOne of the biggest perks of redesigning your website is the ability to improve its search visibility. The benefits of SEO are endless, and a properly redesigned website can yield a noticeable uptick in search rankings.
  • Build TrustCurrent and potential clients who regularly visit your site and suddenly see a new design will be impressed. A facelift to your site indicates that your company is willing to grow and adapt while staying vibrant and relevant.
  • Accessibility and UXWebsite trends are constantly coming and going, but with a well-thought out design – both front and back end – you can create a site that will still look great and work well five years from now. Accessibility and user experience are big parts of this initiative. A clunky website with dead ends and a labyrinth of links will force users to abandon your brand.
  • ConversionsAt the end of the day, the ultimate goal of your website is to create conversions. Simple calls to action are not as effective as they used to be, but with the new blueprint, you can implement the best CTA initiative possible.
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