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3 Fundamentals for Startup Marketing Success

It wasn’t too long ago that PBJ Marketing was nothing more than a twinkle in our founders’ eyes, but now in our fifth year, PBJ is an established team that’s reinventing the marketing and advertising game. However, the harsh reality is that approximately 75% of all startups fail (yikes!), but with the right marketing efforts in place, you can make sure you’re budding company is a success story.Marketing Land offers the following tips:

  1. Know your customerYou should already be an expert when it comes to understanding your products and services, so spend time getting to know your potential customers and clients. Fundamentally, a lack of market need for your products and services means there won’t be any customers. A large clients and customer base will make your startup viable and keep you in business.
  2. Create great contentA compelling digital presence is imperative in this day and age, and the best way to make this happen Is by creating incredible content. A startup’s content should focus on the customer and tie back to how your products and services offer a solution to their problems.
  3. Have a strong game planYou should already have a detailed plan for your startup and where you expect to see it six months, one-year, and five years from now, so make sure your marketing strategy supports these goals. Setting marketing goals is the key to success, as it ensures everyone has their eye on the prize and working to a common end.

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