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Twitter Introduces A Subscription-Based Ad Program

Phillip Reinhardt

Twitter’s Ad Revenue

During the second quarter of 2017, Twitter’s ad revenue hit a rough patch, but the social network is taking action to right the financial ship.

Twitter is currently testing a subscription-based ad program that will have a base price of $99 per month, which will allow some tweets to be automatically promoted.

While this might seem like a winning program, it’s somewhat of a crapshoot. Instead of creating and optimizing separate Twitter Ads campaigns yourself, the new program will do all the heavy lifting. Rather than selecting individual ads to be promoted, Twitter will choose them for you.

Twitter’s User Base Is Growing

This effort could significantly contribute to Twitter’s bottom line, and despite the soft earnings from ad revenue during the second quarter, its user base is growing. Year-over-year, Twitter’s daily audience rose 12% while 55 million people tuned into Twitter’s premium broadcasts – approximately 12 million more than the first quarter of 2017.

Twitter can be a valuable tool in your brand’s digital marketing arsenal. Depending on past performance and spend, Twitter’s new subscription ad program might be the perfect tool for you. Social media spend doesn’t have to be a balancing act, let us help you figure it out.

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