Google Search Ads

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Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are a powerful pay-per-click advertising tool that can reach qualified leads
who are actively searching for and ready to buy your product or service.

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Everyone wants to be on Page 1, right? But ranking high in Google search results takes some serious time. This is where we layer in the power of Google Search Ads: the next best way to bring in traffic on the fly.

Customers Who Are Actively Looking for YOU.

Using sponsored search text ads, you’ll reach qualified leads actively searching for and ready to buy your product or service. Text-based ads appear right beside organic search results on Google. But it gets better: You only pay when users click. We’ll work with you to find and set up granular campaign structures that lower your cost-per-click and increase conversions, using:

  • Keyword Research

    In-depth keyword research, built upon years of advanced keyword stratagems.

  • Text Ads & Landing Pages

    Stellar ad and landing page copy, incorporating best practices in engagement optimization.

  • Budget Optimization

    Strategic budget management is a must to ensure each campaign performs at maximum efficiency. 

  • Analytics Monitoring

    Data racking and reporting is critical and provide the most comprehensive performance analysis in the industry.

Full Service Google Advertising.

Google Search Advertising is part of the Google AdWords suite and is a powerful pay-per-click advertising tactic that reaches audiences in the hundreds of millions. That makes it pretty profitable. But Paid Search marketing is also complex, has a lot of moving parts, and still puts your business in fierce competition with others. To dominate this playing field is both an art and a science that only a world-class Paid Search Advertising manager can handle.

Lucky for you, we’ve got it down.

PBJ Marketing is a certified Google AdWords Agency Partner with over 15 years’ experience designing, testing, retesting, and monitoring hundreds of Google AdWords campaigns for brands in all industries the world over. It’s fair to say we’ve done enough trial and error to know exactly how to get companies to the top of search engines, including yours. But so have many Google AdWords agencies. Wondering what makes us different?

So Let’s Do This Thing! Whether we’re the first Google AdWords agency you’ve worked with or a rebound, we’re determined to be your last. Our team of PPC nerds is excited to dig into how AdWords could work for your business.

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