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Google AdWords

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Google Adwords Marketing

We’re a proud Google Agency Partner. This means our AdWords account managers have
met Google’s most stringent requirements for training, certification and practice.

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AdWords is a powerful tool that reaches audiences in the hundreds of millions. That makes it pretty profitable. But it’s also complex, has a lot of moving parts, and puts your business in fierce competition with others. To dominate this playing field is both an art and a science that only a world-class PPC manager can handle. Lucky for you, we’ve got it down!

PBJ Marketing is a certified Google Agency Partner with over 15 years’ experience designing, testing, retesting, and monitoring hundreds of Google PPC campaigns for brands in all industries the world over. It’s fair to say we’ve done enough trial and error to know exactly how to get companies to the top of search engines, including yours.

Google Adwords Tactics: