Bing Search Ads

Bing Search Ads

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Bing Search Ads

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The Benefits of Advertising on Bing.

I know what you’re thinking, “Bing? Who uses that?!” Well, you might be surprised to know Bing accounts for 33% of all search traffic. Wouldn’t you like to see a 33% increase in website traffic? Thought so!

What is Bing Advertising?

Every day, millions of people type keywords into search engines, looking for products and services. With search advertising, you create ads and bid on keywords. One of the locations your ad may appear is the “Ads” section of search results pages. Whether customers want to purchase a product, request a service or sign up for information, your goal is to get customers to see your ad and go to your website, call your store, or download your app. You can accomplish this by having your ad appear at the top of the search results page, in the “Ads” sections.

Here’s an example of a basic Bing Ads ad:

A Bing Ads ad advertising flights to Europe.



Why use Bing Advertising?

Bing is the #2 most popular and known search engine on the planet, with 33% of all searches going through This creates PPC opportunities that are often overlooked in AdWords-focused campaigns.

Bing grew to 19.7% of the US search market share and Yahoo saw a 10% increase in paid search clicks over the past year.  And while there’s no doubt that they’re still the underdog to Google, they’re making strides in areas others have been struggling. It may surprise some that Bing Ads has some powerful advantages for advertisers that Google simply doesn’t.

In short, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for an email list, or making a donation, at PBJ Marketing we develop customized Search Engine Marketing strategies with your traffic and conversion goals top of mind. So, ready to get your Bing on?


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