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Diversify Digital Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Satisfaction Dips, Is It Time to Diversify Your Digital Strategy?

Phillip Reinhardt

Your Digital Strategy

When it comes to refining your digital marketing campaign – with added emphasis on user experience – it’s critical to pay attention to major trends impacting the industry.

A compelling study to come out of the American Customer Satisfaction Index indicates that overall consumer satisfaction in search engines has recently declined. The index, which measures satisfaction on a 100-point scale, saw Google fall from 84 to 82, Bing fell from 75 to 73, and MSN from 75 to 72. The only search engine to see an uptick was AOL which increased from 69 to 70.

Search engines play a significant role in every digital marketing campaign, but if consumer satisfaction continues to decline, it would be a smart idea to incorporate other outlets into your strategy. In addition to search engine optimization, it’s critical to combine various content types, consider value messaging, utilize email campaigns, and harness the power of social media to cultivate new clients.

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