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Yelp Local Audiences

Reach Your Desired Audience with the New “Yelp Local Audiences”

Phillip Reinhardt

Yelp Local Audiences

Even though it’s the largest crowed-sourced review site of its kind, Yelp is often an underutilized tool in the digital marketing arsenal. Luckily, Yelp just made it easier for brands to reach audiences with a new data-driven ad product called Yelp Local Audiences.

In short, brands can now buy anonymous user information based on actions they took on the Yelp site and app. Via Yelp Local Audiences, advertisers can target users by more than 1,000 specific business categories ranging from brand and product attributes to demographics and geography.

A Unique Opportunity

However, some experts argue that targeting Yelp users with long-term ad campaigns poses some unique issues… and opportunities. According to a Nielsen survey, approximately 80% of Yelp users make a purchase within one week of visiting a company page – making the Yelp audience uniquely “perishable,” but also valuable. Reach them after this seven-day period, it’s likely too late, so timing is crucial.

Yelp might not carry the same audience depth as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google, but it still boasts more than 80 million unique monthly visitors – many of whom identify as qualified leads, and create an opportunity for your brand. Do you need help with digital marketing? Are you interested in Yelp Local Audiences? We’d love to help!

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