Making It Easy To Study Hard!



Preparing for the SATs? Want to make sure you study right? Zinkerz SAT is the only app with full practice tests, personalized material, and a study roadmap organized by experts. With games and detailed answers, Zinkerz makes sure you have a plan that gets you ready for game day.

With such an amazing tool at the fingertips of students, PBJ’s mission was to CRUSH the online marketing space with an app-install media campaign and ongoing SEO and content initiatives. Within days, we immediately saw the interest and demand for the higher education and learning product and continue to receive hundreds of downloads… and still counting (on our TI-84 duh)!


  • Animated & Static Display Ad Creation
  • Targeted App-Install Media Campaign: Google Search, Display, Facebook, Twitter
  • Website Platform Optimization for SEO
  • Ongoing SEO + Content Strategy + Blog Postings


  • Achieved Apple Store “Top 10” list for targeted keywords, 3 months in a row
  • Drove down CPI by $1 average each month for length of the campaign