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Sprout Kindness Counts, Custom iOS



Sprout’s Kindness Counts initiative, which launched in 2011, encourages and celebrates everyday kind acts from children while serving as a tool for parents to reinforce thoughtfulness and compassion. A “Random Act of Kindness” national counter was created and promoted across its network with the goal of collection 1,000,000 acts of kindness submitted by children.

What a wonderful idea, but how to capture and quantify all these amazing, kind acts?? PBJ developed a kid-friendly app for parents and children to submit their child’s kind-act directly to the national counter. Sprout staff used the iPad app at special events to facilitate data collection.


  • Custom iOS app development
  • Event log and backend database auto-syncing to Sprout’s national counter
  • Customer demographic and email collection upon kind-act submission
  • Kid friendly User Experience, utilizing rich iconography and efficient flow for both kids and adults
  • Increased brand and social awareness at Sprout sponsored events nationwide