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HLN Digital Fingerprinting For Kids, Custom iOS app


DFK is a child safety program offering free digital fingerprinting for kids around the country. The mission: to help prevent crimes against children by providing parents & guardians with tools such as digital fingerprinting & safety tips!

We spearheaded the DFK program into the future, scraping old PC’s -manned by staff- connected to useless infrared readers and replaced with with a kid-friendly iPad User Interface. Keeping real child safety at the forefront, we integrated newly developed, state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint scanners developed specially for iOS systems, so that law enforcement agencies would have a usable fingerprint for each child. MIND. BLOWN.


  • Custom iOS app development utilizing iPad interface, adult email capture, auto-snap picture taking, and AirPrint
  • Advanced SDK modification of biometric scanners to work with our custom iOS application
  • Secure temporary database servers with auto-delete of all child-based information