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2017 Holiday Shopping Season Is Starting Early

Are You Prepared! The 2017 Holiday Shopping Season Is Starting Earlier Than Ever

Phillip Reinhardt

It’s Time To Prepare Your Brand

We previously stressed the importance of preparing your brand for the holiday season, but a new report indicates that the impending rush could come a lot sooner than expected.

According to CPC Strategy’s 2017 U.S. Holiday Shopping Forecast, approximately one-third of consumers plan to start their holiday shopping before Black Friday – the traditional mark for the outset of the holiday shopping season.

“More shoppers expect deals far before Black Friday or late in December,” said CPC Strategy CEO, Rick Backus.

The report indicates that the biggest motivator among shoppers this holiday season is the price of products. While many smaller retailers might find it difficult to compete with big box stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, there are some ways to stand out – especially online.

Primarily, many consumers are looking for a personalized experience with significant upside. If you can get your brand to stand out as a frontrunner in your niche, customers will look to you as an industry thought leader and keep returning to utilize your products and services.

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