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Virginia Spine Institute

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Virginia Spine Institute is a globally recognized team of specialists providing concierge care for neck or back conditions. Over the last 30 years, they have improved the lives of over 100,000 people suffering from debilitating pain and life-altering discomfort. Through pioneering the latest advances in non–operative procedures and modern surgical solutions, they provide patients with hope and improved quality of life. The goal was to increase the volume and quality of leads from paid media and drive more surgery bookings, especially from local traffic.


We applied a strategy focused on a mix of both generic and industry-specific keywords to ensure that we covered all of our bases. Additionally, we built dedicated landing pages for some of the specific keywords we had identified in order to improve Ad Rank and conversion rate. Lastly, we deployed a series of brand awareness campaigns to audiences we identified as crucial targets through our research. These campaigns were both interest-based and more general in order to best reach the client’s ideal customers.


Sample Keywords:


  • “Spine clinic”
  • “Spine specialist”
  • “Spine treatment”


  • “Disc replacement surgery”
  • “Disc replacement treatment”


  • “Spine doctor near me”
  • “Spine clinic in my area”
  • “Spine clinic VA”
  • “Spine doctor Reston”

Brand Awareness Campaigns

  • Interest-Based: Targeting people interested in certain sports and following certain lifestyles that make them more susceptible to spine injuries with creatives and copy tailored specifically to them
  • General Awareness: Targeting a 200-mile radius around their office in Reston, a 50-mile radius on Facebook, as well as other specific geolocations the client identified as regions for growth


  • Total Qualified Paid Media Leads up 61.6% Y-o-Y
  • Lead-to-Patient Conversion is up 108.5%
  • Surgery Bookings are up 57.7%
  • Unique Page Views from Direct Traffic increased by 132%