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Phillip Reinhardt

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“They got to know us on a different level than other companies we’ve worked with. I wouldn't even think about using anyone else." ~Product Marketing Manager

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Reman Auto Electronics provides high-quality new and remanufactured engine management components for gasoline and diesel applications to the 18,000+ independent repair shop market in North America. Despite their 40+ years of experience and intimate awareness of their market, RAE wasn’t able to successfully quantify, let alone scale, their online marketing efforts or expand brand awareness compared to its competitors.


Top-of-Funnel Approach
- Identified key products and product lines central to the business and the channels which drive their success
- Focused on Brand Awareness to expand reach beyond dealer network

Bottom-of-Funnel Approach
- Developed and implemented a suite of goals, from lead tracking (calls and form submissions) to best track where sales come from


Google Search & Display Ads
- Reviewed Existing Data: Saw what worked, what didn’t, and were able to isolate product lines to gain more insight into market landscape
- Keyword Research: Researched untapped high-intent keywords and built out a more robust negative keyword lists
- Call Tracking Software: Insights into conversions and how customers place orders helped shape strategies resulting in higher sales

Results Worth Bragging About.

25% avg.

Increase in YoY Revenue


Reduced Cost-Per-Lead


Conversion Rate Increase

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Once we send product details and the ads launch, it usually doesn’t take long for us to start getting phone calls about those products. More often than not, those customers find us through the ads that PBJ Marketing creates.