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Phillip Reinhardt

Case Studies | Pay-Per-Click Marketing

“They really hit the ground running from Day-1 and have yet to slow down. Every month they’re raising their own bar.” ~ Vice President, Arrow Lift

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Arrow Lift has been improving the lifestyle of its customers by providing practical mobility solutions and luxury home elevators for over 35 years. Their product offering includes stairlifts, home elevators, wheelchair platform lifts, LULA elevators, dumbwaiters, and more.

Arrow Lift is one of the premier providers of home elevators and mobility solutions in California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, and the surrounding states.

The biggest challenge Arrow Lift faced was generating quality leads for their niche product within their markets.

OUR Strategy

Our approach was to maximize reach within all markets by expanding brand awareness and changing the type of keyword match to their search campaigns. Expanding brand awareness included targeting homeowners who purchase related products, launching new types of campaigns to reach users on different platforms, and creating other low-bid, high-volume campaigns. The change in keyword match type allowed us to capture traffic from long-tail keywords. We also implemented a different bidding process to maximize the budget in each market.

Our efforts have already contributed to sales increasing 22% Year-Over-Year while greatly reducing the Cost-Per-Lead.

Q4 2019 vs. Q4 2020 Results


Increase in YoY Sales


Reduction in Overall CPA


Increase in Qualified Leads