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Digital Commerce Is Winning Against In Store

Digital Commerce Winning Its War Against In-Store Sales

Phillip Reinhardt

Digital Sales

When’s the last time you ordered something online? Probably pretty recently. Well, you’re not alone, as a recent study conducted by Salesforce Commerce Cloud highlights the various ways in which digital commerce continues to eclipse in-store purchases.

The study indicates that digital commerce increased 23% on a year-over-year basis, and now accounts for 57% of all purchases. The verticals that experienced the greatest activity include active apparel, general apparel, health and beauty, as well as home goods. The only vertical to see a slight decline was luxury apparel (-4%).

Meanwhile, mobile devices continued to solidify their status as the gold standard for online commerce. During the second quarter of 2017, shopping on mobile devices increased to 34%. Although more overall purchases took places on desktop computers (55%), the share has plummeted in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down.

“The digital heavyweights — Amazon and Google — are conditioning consumers to search,” says Rick Kenney, the head of consumer insights for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. “Site search is an absolutely crucial utility for your shoppers.”

The holiday shopping season may still seem like a long way off, but it’s critical to ensure your e-commerce sites – both mobile and desktop – are equipped to handle the coming shopping storm. Need a last second audit to highlight where you can make some improvements? We’ve got your back.

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