Website migration strategy

Why SEO Migration Checklists are Important

Nicki Betterbid

Think of how much time and money you’ve invested in your online brand. You’ve leveraged a robust social media presence with strong organic and paid search results, all the while providing a consistent supply of thought-provoking, stimulating, and engaging content. Now think about how your well-recognized brand can almost disappear overnight because of an ill-conceived and poorly-structured website migration.  Regardless …

Don't stress your SEO. Optimize your website to boost your traffic.

Is Your Website Structure Holding Back Your SEO Rankings?

Phillip Reinhardt

Search engine optimization or SEO is a way for a website to increase brand exposure through search engine results. SEO works by increasing organic search results and by improving the amount and value of website traffic. There are a variety of aspects that go into SEO rankings. First off, it is essential to understand how people search online, what they …

Online marketing and SEO do not need to be a mystery for your organization, the right team can bring clarity and a better understanding of the SEO process.

How Hiring a Marketing Agency for SEO Can Be More Impactful and Cost-Effective

David Bosley

There are many reasons businesses win when they choose to hire a marketing agency for their search engine optimization (SEO) needs. In fact, many businesses discover that hiring professionals to handle their marketing and SEO needs not only provides better yields for their businesses but is also far more cost-effective. In other words, you’re like to get far more bang …

Google’s Page Experience Update delivers a new, object-oriented approach to SEO and UX layouts.

Google 2021: Forecasting the Page Experience

Phillip Reinhardt

On May 28th, Google announced a major addition to its search engine’s ranking algorithm: The Page Experience Update. It’s stated to roll out in 2021—and it’s expected to bring plenty of organic search opportunities to the table. If your strategy is grounded in SEO, and if you’re dependent on Google-derived traffic like most, news of big-time changes are probably big-time …

Adopt these tech updates to stay mobilized, stay social and supercharge your SEO

2020’s Five Golden Rules of SEO

Phillip Reinhardt

As 2020 continues, online competition continues to rise. New websites are taking charge with new prospects, and Google’s Featured Snippets updates promise new ways for Internet users to access bitesize chunks of big information. Sophisticated strategies for boosting one’s organic traffic certainly exist in today’s competitive SEO landscape, yet they’re often hidden behind familiar approaches to keyword gap analysis, search …

Page dwell times, bounce rates and social media likes are vital metrics, but their role as SERP necessities often leaves digital marketers guessing.

Google Myth Busting: SEO Facts and Fiction

David Bosley

Google has always been tough to predict, even when bypassing the age-old ‘invisible algorithm’ problem. Even though digital marketers are willing to leave mysteries unsolved, however, several Google-based marketing topics persist as head-scratchers. The SEO world has evolved a lot in recent years, undoubtedly: In the past few years, the marketing world has undergone some serious resurfacing due to Google’s …

Should your small business stick with a Facebook Business page or create a full-blown website? 

Does Your Company Need a Website & a Facebook Business Page?

Phillip Reinhardt

Taking control of your business’ future by managing its online presence is no simple task. Whether you currently run multiple social media accounts, a website, or other channels that facilitate communication with potential customers, there are many factors to consider when determining the best marketing approach for your business. However, perhaps you are just starting out with one or two …

Google’s new Page Experience metric will soon go live

Everything You Need to Know About Google’s New Page Experience Metric

David Bosley

Google’s search engine algorithms are quickly changing as time progresses.  The search engine giant is constantly refining its search engine algorithms to ensure the best webpages are ranked highly while substandard pages are buried deep down the rankings or not ranked at all.  Google’s latest effort to improve its search engine ranking system comes in the form of an alteration …

SEO is increasingly becoming a data-driven tool for growing your online presence – but what type of data reigns supreme?

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Data – Why Not Both for SEO?

David Bosley

For many people, phrases like quantitative data, qualitative data, and search engine optimization sound like someone is speaking Greek. They are words that may not ordinarily come up in ordinary conversations. At least not outside of high-level math and science circles for the first two and internet marketing circles for the last. SEO and content still remain king, but to …