Successful paid advertising strategies employ the best SEO, social media and cross-market strategies alike--providing unbeatable consumer experiences built to last.

A Guide for Executing a Successful Paid Advertising Campaign in Any Industry

Phillip Reinhardt

PPC campaigns are booming—but modern advertisement has changed. When you think about advertising, itself, what comes to mind? Many of the business world’s rising marketers have come of age, so to speak, within our modern tech environment. Still, they may be a little behind the curve in terms of paid advertising strategies. If your first thoughts about advertisement are about …

Your landing page, social media, SEO and content marketing strategies may benefit from quantitative consumer insights, but it should include a decisive qualitative approach, too.

Why SEO Strategies With Qualitative and Quantitative Data Win

David Bosley

These days, it seems like every company relies on big data, engagement metrics and e-commerce portal click-through to craft, analyze and enhance their SEO strategy. Marketers looking to understand their audiences need to ascertain their customers’ needs, of course, but they may not be seeing the forest for the trees. There’s a lot to be said for having a keen …

Today's leading social media platforms are booming, but which should you use as an ad campaign foundation?

Where to Prioritize Your Ads, the Right Way: Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit or Google?

Phillip Reinhardt

It’s 2019. Instagram is booming, Facebook is a marketing haven for SMBs, Quora is a primary source of in-depth information and Google’s ranking algorithms have changed yet again. It’s no surprise start-up companies, entrepreneurs and marketing leaders are doubling down on cross-platform digital marketing plans. In a world where most consumers use not one, but multiple social media outlets—it’s advantageous to capitalize …

In 2019, the best SEO strategies take new approaches to consumer outreach.

SEO Strategies That Actually Lead to ROI

David Bosley

It seems like there are innumerable digital marketing strategies in 2019. Between inbound marketing campaigns, social media content rollouts, mobile app marketing, and landing page ads, it can be difficult to pin down a leading strategy. Few digital marketing approaches come close to the potential of a solid SEO strategy—and today’s startups, SMBs, entrepreneurs and big businesses alike are racing …

Artificial intelligence and digital marketing are natural partners and will bring your existing strategies to the next level.

A Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Phillip Reinhardt

For a long time, the concept of artificial intelligence only existed in the periphery of the tech world. Most people looked at it as a construct of science fiction and paid it no attention. As technology continued to evolve, things like automation, big data, and increasingly powerful analytics are influencing the way we look at marketing. These same concepts are …

Outsourced marketing agencies are more effective than in-house teams in 2019.

How Hiring a Marketing Agency for SEO Can Be More Impactful and Cost-Effective

David Bosley

It seems like most businesses are outsourcing, these days. In 2019, efficiency and mobility matter—and harnessing the perfect in-house and outsourcing mixture is vital to your success. In 2019, marketing and advertising agencies netted about $54 billion in revenue—growing about 4.2 percent, annually, since 2014. While these agencies are enjoying a fertile business world ripe with a constant stream of new …

A company's approach to customer integrity begins at the ground floor: with corporate digital strategies.

Why CMOs Need Solid Digital Policies

Phillip Reinhardt

Modern Chief Marketing Officers have plenty of responsibilities in 2019. Today’s C-level corporate executives aren’t only responsible for marketing initiatives, alone. Rather, they’ve taken up the mantle as creative developers, development orchestrators, customer support leaders, and business partnership leaders. Each year, research teams like Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey examine the modern CMO’s role in growing businesses. From spending habits to job scope, …

Mobile marketing is the modern business world's most effective consumer engagement cornerstone.

10 Reasons to Adopt a Strong Mobile Strategy

David Bosley

Of all the marketing strategies out there, in 2019, mobile marketing is consistently a top-tier contender. Mobile app marketing, SMS marketing, and mobile social media marketing are some of the best approach methods today’s business owners can take. Today, about 70 percent of Internet usage stems from mobile traffic. Every year, more organizations are strategizing their content to optimize mobile advertising …

Successful multi-channel marketing means all of your marketing channels work together as a single cohesive unit.

Using Digital Marketing Alongside Traditional Marketing Channels

Phillip Reinhardt

One of the most difficult struggles for companies is finding a way to reconcile their traditional marketing channels with their digital channels. For companies that have been around a long time, the traditional marketing channels, such as radio or print advertising, could be old-hand with long-developed relationships. Newer companies may have their hand on the pulse of the digital world …