Your digital customer retention strategy paves the way to not only land valuable customers, but to keep them forever.

Digital Marketing For Retention: Best Strategies for Growing Your Existing Customers

Bennett Tyson

User acquisition often feels much more exciting than retention does. It’s much easier to track. Plus, you’re expanding the company by bringing in brand-new customers. What could be more important than that? The fact is that the cost to acquire new customers continues to rise, especially in our hyper-competitive digital world. Scratching and clawing the competition for each new customer is important, …

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Train Your Marketing Strategy Like You Train Your Employees

Bennett Tyson

A great marketing campaign doesn’t just happen. It takes time and effort to get it just right. If you’re searching for the perfect balance between ad spend and conversion, experimentation is key. Make great things happen by combining the individual components that work best for you, and you can double and even triple your conversion rate. Here’s how. Know Your …

Local SEO Marketing Tips

Local SEO: Tips to Drive Sales to Your Business

Bennett Tyson

Every business must engage in some sort of marketing efforts to keep up with the competition and be successful. In our world of digital technology today, the most important thing for a business to do is to gain an online presence to interact and engage with current as well as potential customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing your business so that …

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Live Video: The Next Generation of Audience Engagement

Bennett Tyson

Roughly 64 percent of consumers make a purchase after viewing a social video, says Forbes. As conversion rates go, that’s huge. Why wouldn’t you want your startup to cash in on those kinds of numbers? But how? We have the skinny on how and where to do a live stream, what to do and say once you’re on the air, and …

Empower your digital media strategy from the ground up.

Five Surprising Ways to Market With YouTube

Phillip Reinhardt

It’s no secret that YouTube is one of today’s leading buyer attractions. A slew of researchers, innovative marketers, and economic experts have weighed in on the multimedia sensation—and the responses are unanimous across the board: Millennials have brought YouTube to new heights. In fact, according to Socialbakers, roughly four in five Millennials watch videos when shopping online. Unsurprisingly, today’s marketers aren’t only using YouTube—but siphoning …

A blog content calendar helps you plan your business blog more effectively.

Why Your Business Blog Needs a Content Calendar

David Bosley

In April of 2018, we discussed the importance of a blog calendar for your business. Consider this a sort of “Why Your Business Needs a Content Calendar v 2.0.” In our original post, we discussed several important reasons for businesses to invest time, effort, energy, and planning into creating and maintaining content calendars. They include essentials, like: Keeping your content organized. …

Is your marketing message keeping up with a mobile marketplace?

Targeting Your Marketing Message for a Mobile Audience

Phillip Reinhardt

The way the world accesses the World Wide Web is evolving at the speed of technology. Screens are getting smaller and more people are taking their Internet on the go. That means you need a marketing message for your organization that travels well. These tips will help you transform your marketing message from one designed for larger, static screens, to …

Fill your website with outstanding content to drive results.

5 Ways to Make Your Content Shine

David Bosley

While most people view great content as a key element in any competent SEO strategy, the need for stellar content goes far deeper than SEO. SEO is what drives visitors to your website and piques the interest of the major search engines. Content is what drives real-world people to your pages. People who may eventually become customers, business partners, investors, …

Redefine your WordPress strategy to create unforgettable campaigns. 

The 10 Best WordPress Digital Marketing Tips

Phillip Reinhardt

WordPress is one of the world’s most-used content management platforms. While it began as a personal project directed at small content marketing initiatives, it’s become an integral part of the online world’s architecture—as well as modern digital marketing. The platform powers nearly 27 percent of the Internet, and its content management system market share sits around 60 percent. Entire startups have revolved …

Content marketing isn't easy, but it doesn't need to be overwhelming.

The Five Biggest Content Marketing Pitfalls

David Bosley

Content marketing, today, is one of the best strategies for garnering digital marketing leads, gaining new followers and growing your business. It’s even considered to be one of the most effective marketing strategies by experts. According to a 2017 survey, about 89 percent of content marketers stated that content marketing delivered positive results. In the same survey, as many as 30 percents …