Augmented reality marketing is going to be the next big thing for years to come.

The Next Generation of Facebook Ads Are Coming

Phillip Reinhardt

In the summer of 2018, Facebook began slowly rolling out their newest form of advertising – augmented reality. Augmented reality is technology that combines digital content with the real world. Snapchat filters are perhaps the best-known example. You can use AR to impose funny pictures or distorted effects over your pictures. As mobile technology continues to grow in power, the future of …

Agile marketing means that you’re always ready to face any challenge that gets in your way.

Staying On Your Toes: What Does Agile Digital Marketing Really Mean?

David Bosley

Being agile is one of the single most important aspects of digital marketing success. The problem is that not many companies actually understand what it means to be agile. Even fewer are able to put that knowledge into action. At its core, agile marketing means taking a strategic approach to marketing. You need to understand your company, your employees, and …

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Does Your Business Need a Customer Experience Team?

Phillip Reinhardt

It’s not branding — well, not exactly. It’s not website design — except when it is. How exactly can you define customer experience? Organizations of all sizes are struggling with what exactly this elusive “ideal customer experience” is and how to implement it. More importantly, brands are struggling with who should implement it: marketing, branding, technology professionals? Maybe all of the above …

Marketing and Creative Team Communication

Just Listen!!! Collaboration Pointers for Marketers and Creatives

David Bosley

Communicating efficiently and effectively with others is often a learned skill, and one that individuals work on for much of their lives. Marketers are generally creative folks, but it can be difficult to fully translate their strategies into an actionable design that creatives can use to deliver a finished product. If you’re finding your teams stuck in endless rounds of revisions and …

Handling bad feedback is only a small part of managing your digital reputation.

The Ins and Outs of Managing Your Digital Reputation

Phillip Reinhardt

Our digital reputation has never been more important than it is today. Even when in a physical store, 82% of people that own a smartphone use it to research and check reviews. When they’re making a digital purchase, you can assume that every single one of your customers is going to at least Google your company to see what they can find. …

Is Reddit Brand Advertising for You?

Is Your Brand Ready for Reddit Ads?

David Bosley

It’s no surprise when a social platform announces that they are changing their monetization strategy, but Reddit’s move to cost-per-click advertising seems to be taking the digital advertising world by storm. With this new-to-Reddit model, advertisers are charged each time a reader performs a click action — something that is most popular with marketers who are familiar with direct response …

Video content can drive conversions and improve your brand, but you need to know how to make sure its effective.

Video Content is On the Rise: How to Create Great Video Content

Phillip Reinhardt

Making great video content has never been more important than it is today. The frequency of video content appearing in Google searches is now 74%, an increase of almost double from last year. Video’s visibility is growing on other websites, too. In addition to this, video content can also help boost your SEO, help your social media presence and drive conversions. If …

Strong website design is critical if you want to convert your valuable traffic into something more.

Web Design 101 for 2019: What a Great Website Looks Like Today

David Bosley

The Internet has changed a great deal over the past decade, which means that website design has changed a lot, too. We’re a long way past using GeoCities to throw up a quick website and calling it a day. Today’s audience expects something elegant, informative, and responsive. Below, we’ll talk about the trends that are most important to consider when …

Website Analytics & Google Data Studio Dashboards

Boosting Your Website Analytics Edge with Google Data Studio

Phillip Reinhardt

When are numbers not fun?!? Your website analytics can tell you so many different things, if only you know where the start. The sheer volume of information that you can find in Google Analytics and in other metrics channels can be overwhelming to say the least. When you try to explain the information to non-numbers colleagues, bad things can definitely …

Guest post strategy is a critical way to establish yourself as an expert and give your website quality backlinks.

Building Your Brand and Improving SEO by Guest Posting

David Bosley

SEO is one of the most important and most effective digital marketing strategies for 2019 and beyond. Consider this: over 90% of the traffic generated by a Google search is from sites listed on the first page. If you want any organic traffic at all, you need to make sure you’re getting on the first page for your targeted keywords. One …