TOP 5 Ways SEO & SEM Drive Customers to YOUR Website

Phillip Reinhardt

It’s no secret that the more prospects you bring to your website, the more likely that you are to convert those prospects into customers . . . and eventually into brand advocates. Millions of marketers know the importance of SEO and SEM at a high level, but how can you leverage these tools to make a real business impact? It’s …


Facebook Insights: Harnessing the Power of Two-Way Communication

David Bosley

Facebook is a crowded marketplace, but with the right strategy, it can help your business flourish. It doesn’t matter if you have a long-standing presence or are starting from square one, the following tips and tricks from Marketing Land columnist Will Scott are great ways to nudge your strategy in the right direction.   Create a well-rounded page Take time …


Stop, Drop, and Roll: These 4 PR Blunders Really Burn!

David Bosley

It’s probably safe to say you’ve already seen the Best Picture blunder at this year’s Academy Awards. But for the uninitiated, two accountants from PricewaterhouseCoopers handed Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway the wrong envelope resulting in the wrong announcement and a lot of confusion. This was a public relations nightmare for PwC and the company quickly jumped into damage control …


The Evolution of Mobile ROI – Identifying New Revenue Events

David Bosley

Mobile should be a big part of your digital marketing strategy, and with more users discovering your brand on the go than ever before, it’s time to start measuring your ROI on mobile activities. According to Marketing Land, mobile KPI has shifted significantly over the years. At the dawn of smartphones and apps, mobile KPI was just measured by the number …


Is Snapchat’s Longevity Viable? This Survey Says Otherwise

David Bosley

In the past, we’ve discussed the importance of adding Snapchat to your brand’s social media toolbox, but some people aren’t convinced. According to a recent survey conducted by Fluent, Snapchat’s popularity might be waning. The survey, which consisted of approximately 3,300 individuals over the age of 18, found that almost half feel that Snapchat is just a passing fad. However, …


3 Digital Marketing Obstacles That Plague Small Businesses

David Bosley

Now more than ever small businesses need to have a strong internet presence. Before buying products and services, most consumers conduct their research online, and the web is the perfect place for small businesses to compete with big brands. However, according to Entrepreneur Magazine, one size does not fit all in the digital world, and many small businesses crash and …


Mobile Leaves Larger Footprint on E-commerce Sales, Can Your Site Handle It?

David Bosley

PBJ Marketing is no stranger to e-commerce website design, and as more and more consumers take their shopping online, mobile devices are accounting for a larger share of sales. According to a recent comScore report, the 2016 holiday season was massive for mobile e-commerce sales, which accounted for $22.7 billion of the $109.3 billion spent online. E-commerce spending last year …


Facebook “Reactions” Paves the Way for Emotional Targeting

David Bosley

The introduction of Facebook Reactions had some implications for digital advertisers, and now that they’ve been around for a while, we’re starting to get a better understanding of how they can be used to grow your brand. The team at PBJ Marketing loves data, and we’re taking full advantage of the information gleaned from Facebook Reactions. However, it’s not as …


5 Clear Signs You’re Losing the Digital Race to the Competition

David Bosley

In our blog posts, we regularly talk about what you can do to improve your brand’s digital presence, but this time around we’re examining what your competition is doing to leave you in the dust. There are some sure-fire ways to tell if a company has a strong digital presence, and if any of the following points stick out when …