Marketing Automation Tools

Crazy-Good Automation Tools That Will Strengthen Your Marketing Results

David Bosley

If you’re a marketer, there are simply never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on your list. Automation is more than something cool used on assembly lines, it’s a critical requirement for digital marketers today. However, automation can potentially go horribly wrong — posting crazy content to your company’s social media accounts at all hours of the day …

New Tech Marketing Tactics You NEED To Learn About

David Bosley

It’s a pretty darn cool time to be a marketer, no doubt. Between creating a Snapchat geofilter for your brand, defining an augmented reality experience for in-store promotions and popping coupons onto your customer’s mobile phones via your app as they drive past your store — let’s just say there’s a lot to play with out there. And marketers love nothing more than …

Top Agencies & Developers D.C.

PBJ Named Top Digital Marketing and SEO Agency In D.C and Baltimore!

Phillip Reinhardt

For 3rd Year in a Row, PBJ Marketing Named Top Digital Marketing & SEO Agency in Washington, D.C & Baltimore! Washington, D.C. is becoming a technology hotbed, and PBJ Marketing has established itself as one of the leading digital agencies.  D.C. is at the center of the nation’s social and political climate, but as challenges persist, the demand for creative …

Optimizing your sales funnel and making the process smooth

Start Winning Now! Creating and Optimizing Sales Funnels

Phillip Reinhardt

Smart marketers know that the best way to sell online is to ensure that your landing pages are converting and your customer journey to sale is seamless. However, this seemingly-simple step can be littered with complexity and places where your customers get distracted, confused or simply give up. If your marketing isn’t delivering in terms of sales, it’s time to lift …

Your GUIDE to Driving Brand Discovery This Holiday Season

Phillip Reinhardt

The 2017 holiday shopping season is expected to be unlike any other. For digital marketing professionals to prepare, it’s important to look at key trends from last year that are supposed to carry over into the coming months. According to a recent study conducted by Salsify, aggregated retail data paints a compelling image of the keywords consumers search during holiday shopping. …

PBJ’s 12 Hilarious Domain Name Mistakes

Phillip Reinhardt

Domain Names Choosing a domain name for your website should be a simple task, but unfortunately, the smallest oversight can lead to hilarious results. A lot of the times, businesses simply mash up their company name to get a domain name but fail to consider that you can’t capitalize letters or use spaces. Before you create a hilariously terrible domain …

Malicious Artificial Intelligence

How To Spot a Bot: 4 Ways to Identify Malicious A.I.

Phillip Reinhardt

Malicious Bots Bots are everywhere, and unfortunately, many of them are malicious. Even the President of the United States isn’t immune from the difficult reality of bots. And that reality? They can be challenging to recognize. Recently, President Trump retweeted the kind words of a supporter to his more than 35 million followers. While this seemed like a genuine attempt to …

Artificial Intelligence Embraces United States Of America

Bot’s Betray China! A.I. Embraces U.S. & Shun Communism

Phillip Reinhardt

Artifical Intelligence We’ve discussed the upside to introducing chatbots to your digital marketing efforts in the past, but occasionally you hear about artificial intelligence going rogue – and that usually comes with hilarious results. The most recent chatbots to betray their creators came out of China when both “BabyQ” and “XiaoBing” started showing anti-Communist sentiment. Initially developed to test machine learning, …


The Eye of the Robot – Introducing A.I. to Your Customer Service Experience

Phillip Reinhardt

The Eye of the Robot – Introducing A.I. to Your Customer Service Experience Technology changes the way consumers interact with brands. Digital marketing devices that were successful in the past – such as a landing page – now serves as an unnecessary middleman. So, what’s the new conversion platform between consumers and brands? Conversation. However, we’re not talking about picking …

PPC Agencies NYC

PBJ Marketing Named Among “Top SEO and PPC Agency”

Phillip Reinhardt

For the second year in a row, Clutch.Co names PBJ among the top agencies in NYC. Whether you’re a startup looking to design the user experience for a new app or a large company that needs to reinvent itself with a cutting edge digital transformation strategy, at PBJ Marketing we have the expertise and skills to accomplish a wide range of …