PBJ Marketing Named in Clutch’s Top 1,000 B2B Service Providers Worldwide

Phillip Reinhardt

PBJ Marketing is excited to announce our recent recognition as one of the world’s leading agencies in pay per click. Focusing all of our company services on pay per click and SEO allows us to have a diverse clientele, including a range of sizes and industries of the businesses we work with. Being featured in the top 1% of the …

To get ahead in 2020, your SEO strategy will need to rely on content strategies grounded in insightful semantics and organic search.

2020 ‘s Top SEO Shifts

Phillip Reinhardt

Like most, you’ve probably been keeping up with SEO. Since 2017, Google has existed under the moniker of an “AI-first” company—designing and assisting organic search with innovative solutions beyond the conventional link-listing design. Between AdWords, Gmail and Google Assistant, quite a lot has changed. Where AI is considered, plenty of upcoming trends will presumably spawn from Google’s RankBrain which was …

Developing an SEO strategy is simpler than you might imagine.

Building a Framework For Effective SEO

Phillip Reinhardt

Developing an SEO strategy feels overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s certainly a lot of work when it comes to optimizing your website and content for search engines, but with the right framework, it’s actually quite simple. You just need to be willing to put in the time and effort. Even the simplest efforts, if implemented properly, will …

Your third-party data provider has you covered. Still, there are hidden resources your in-house SEO team can find by integrating both sides.

Improve Your SEO Decisions Based Upon Paid Data, and Vice Versa

Phillip Reinhardt

There’s no definitive way to operate your SEO team. Whether these professionals work within a business, an agency or a large corporation—there are plenty of variables to account for. Effective SEO relies on high-quality data. In turn, high-quality data relies on a specialized, consolidated analytics group. Third-party data providers prioritize the research of today’s constantly changing consumer markets, offering the …

Using a marketing agency for SEO allows your company to stay agile while driving critical results.

The Key to Impactful SEO? Ask Your Marketing Agency

David Bosley

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important digital marketing strategies a company can focus on. First and foremost, it increases your company’s visibility and digital footprint. It is also valuable for a number of other important reasons. First of all, organic traffic is the single biggest driver of overall website traffic. A recent study found that …

The Biggest Metrics Pitfalls of 2019, and How to Avoid Them

David Bosley

The use of gig data, often, is a digital marketer’s ideal solution. Like most resources, however, data has downfalls. Internet information certainly isn’t difficult to come by—especially in 2019. As the big data analytics market is likely to reach $103 billion by 2023, 2019 is expected to see another 20 percent of growth before the end of December. Enormous data …

Your landing page, social media, SEO and content marketing strategies may benefit from quantitative consumer insights, but it should include a decisive qualitative approach, too.

Why SEO Strategies With Qualitative and Quantitative Data Win

David Bosley

These days, it seems like every company relies on big data, engagement metrics and e-commerce portal click-through to craft, analyze and enhance their SEO strategy. Marketers looking to understand their audiences need to ascertain their customers’ needs, of course, but they may not be seeing the forest for the trees. There’s a lot to be said for having a keen …

In 2019, the best SEO strategies take new approaches to consumer outreach.

SEO Strategies That Actually Lead to ROI

David Bosley

It seems like there are innumerable digital marketing strategies in 2019. Between inbound marketing campaigns, social media content rollouts, mobile app marketing, and landing page ads, it can be difficult to pin down a leading strategy. Few digital marketing approaches come close to the potential of a solid SEO strategy—and today’s startups, SMBs, entrepreneurs and big businesses alike are racing …

Outsourced marketing agencies are more effective than in-house teams in 2019.

How Hiring a Marketing Agency for SEO Can Be More Impactful and Cost-Effective

David Bosley

It seems like most businesses are outsourcing, these days. In 2019, efficiency and mobility matter—and harnessing the perfect in-house and outsourcing mixture is vital to your success. In 2019, marketing and advertising agencies netted about $54 billion in revenue—growing about 4.2 percent, annually, since 2014. While these agencies are enjoying a fertile business world ripe with a constant stream of new …