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PBJ Marketing’s SEO Team Presents to John Hopkins on SEO Basics

Phillip Reinhardt

At the beginning of this month, our team had the pleasure of presenting to the John Hopkins Interactive Marketing and Advertising class. SEO Manager Nicki Betterbid and SEO Specialist Marisa Casella led the presentations, covering the four pillars of SEO and answering student questions about the future of digital marketing.  John Hopkins Presentation: SEO 101 SEO is a complicated subject, …

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Google Core Update – September 2022 

Phillip Reinhardt

Short on the heels of Google’s August “Helpful Content” core algorithm update, Google launched another core update on September 12th. The Helpful Content update was launched on August 25th and ended on September 9th, which makes launching another core algorithm update just three days later somewhat unexpected. Pundits, digital marketing teams, advertisers, publishers, and SEO professionals all had different expectations …

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Creating New Content vs. Optimizing Old Webpages: Which is Better for SEO?

Nicki Betterbid

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), content is king. However, surprisingly, too much content can sometimes backfire. Creating content just for the sake of creating content can lead to content shock. Audiences will ignore your marketing message if they’ve seen it and heard it all too often. So, does this mean you scale back on creating content and …

What You Need to Know About Google’s May Core Update

Nicki Betterbid

Every digital marketing professional, advertiser, and publisher has, at one time or another, experienced the drastic impact a Google algorithm change can have on their website traffic, search results, and PageRank. We’ve all heard the stories of a website’s traffic plummeting overnight due to one of these Google algorithm changes. We often take solace in the fact that most algorithm …

How to Adapt to Google Phasing Out Third-Party Cookies

Nicki Betterbid

In August 2020, Google launched its new initiative called Privacy Sandbox. This Google announcement outlined a new set of privacy standards for internet users while stating that third-party cookies would be eliminated on its Chrome browser over the next two years. For most digital marketing teams, this announcement may not be cause for concern. However, for others, it is definitely …

The importance of link building

The Importance of Link-Building

Nicki Betterbid

Link-building has always been a critical component of search engine optimization (SEO).

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Google Page Experience Update: What You Need to Know

Nicki Betterbid

As the preeminent search engine, Google has always focused on improving the user experience. They defined specific criteria for upgrading the user experience on mobile devices, and are now launching an equivalent page experience upgrade for desktops. This recent upgrade will be fully functional by the end of March 2022.

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Search Cannibalization: Organic Content and Paid Search

Nicki Betterbid

You’ve devoted considerable time to SEO and take great pride in constantly providing your audience with engaging content. Your website’s landing pages are optimized and you have a high PageRank in search results. Unfortunately, you’ve hit a wall and can’t generate any more traffic through organic search. You’re entertaining the idea of running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign to increase traffic …

A/B split testing

How A/B Split Testing Improves Digital Marketing Strategies

Nicki Betterbid

There was a time when measuring the effectiveness of multiple marketing campaigns was problematic at best, and at worst, mere guesswork. Companies rarely, if ever, knew exactly which campaign drove the customer to their door. However, with today’s digital marketing strategies, companies can analyze results at a granular level and one of the tools they can use to improve results …