Off-Site SEO Is Critical To The Overall Success Of Your SEO Strategy

Off-Site SEO and It’s Importance In Ranking Your Site

Phillip Reinhardt

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving and never completely intuitive. It makes sense that only your own website would matter for your own website’s SEO rankings, but that isn’t actually the case. Off-site SEO actually matters a great deal. More specifically, having other high-quality, well-ranked websites with links pointing to your own website matters a great deal. This tells Google, …

Marketing For 2018 And Beyond

4 Predictions That Will Rock Your 2018 (Marketing) World!

Phillip Reinhardt

Every year, we get out our crystal ball and attempt to divine some major themes for the year. While last year ended with a lot of buzz around AI and marketing automation, we believe that this year is going to take these tech basics and start to weave them into next-gen communication methods that will knock your customer’s socks off! …

SEO Optimization

How To Define SEO Metrics That Won’t Put Your Boss To Sleep!

Phillip Reinhardt

Hitting the target with your SEO assumes several things: 1) That you actually know what the target looks like, and where you should be hitting it and 2) That you’re able to measure how successful you are at hitting the mark. If you have worked with digital agencies in the past, you might have heard things like “Your SEO is …

Marketing Automation Tools

Crazy-Good Automation Tools That Will Strengthen Your Marketing Results

David Bosley

If you’re a marketer, there are simply never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on your list. Automation is more than something cool used on assembly lines, it’s a critical requirement for digital marketers today. However, automation can potentially go horribly wrong — posting crazy content to your company’s social media accounts at all hours of the day …

Personalization Using Personas

TOP 5 Signs Your Brand Should Be Using Personalization

David Bosley

Hello, <first_name>, how are you today? If receiving an email with this intro gives you the hives, it’s likely that you’ve been taking a foray into personalization. Arguably the hottest trend in marketing beyond augmented reality, personalization goes far beyond providing a customized intro tagged with a first name or title. Marketers are building personas and leveraging Big Data in ways …

Digital Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

The 5 SEO Factors That Are Actually Helping Your Rankings in 2017

Phillip Reinhardt

Curious about what’s worth the investment this year? Worried about what worthless strategies are burning through your budget? Here’s a breakdown of which SEO strategies are impacting search rankings and which are proving to be less important as Google’s search algorithms evolve, put together based on information from expert panelists at the SMX East conference and the latest Searchmetrics Ranking Factor study. Content …

Top Agencies & Developers D.C.

PBJ Named Top Digital Marketing and SEO Agency In D.C and Baltimore!

Phillip Reinhardt

For 3rd Year in a Row, PBJ Marketing Named Top Digital Marketing & SEO Agency in Washington, D.C & Baltimore! Washington, D.C. is becoming a technology hotbed, and PBJ Marketing has established itself as one of the leading digital agencies.  D.C. is at the center of the nation’s social and political climate, but as challenges persist, the demand for creative …

Optimizing your sales funnel and making the process smooth

Start Winning Now! Creating and Optimizing Sales Funnels

Phillip Reinhardt

Smart marketers know that the best way to sell online is to ensure that your landing pages are converting and your customer journey to sale is seamless. However, this seemingly-simple step can be littered with complexity and places where your customers get distracted, confused or simply give up. If your marketing isn’t delivering in terms of sales, it’s time to lift …

Are you making any of these five scary content marketing mistakes?

The SCARIEST Content Marketing Mistakes You Might be Making

Phillip Reinhardt

Are you among the 85 percent of marketers using content marketing in 2017?  According to the Content Marketing Institute, that’s the number who say they’re creating content to further their digital strategies this year. However, the annual report highlighted a frightening discrepancy. Only 25 percent classify themselves as highly successful, while the majority – 75 percent – say they’re moderately or less effective …