Your next SERP strategy has several new avenues of opportunity. At the same time, some of today's most popular digital marketing strategies deserve a revisit.

Google Myth-Busting: False Flag Search Factors

David Bosley

Digital marketing can be fairly obscure, sometimes. Digital marketers, themselves, frequently double-down on strategies backed by any discernable evidence as a result—mistaking their own successful initiatives as further proof of technically unverified ‘cornerstone approaches’ throughout the industry. Because the world of consumers is always changing—and at seemingly faster paces, year to year—it’s important to double-check the tools we’ve relied on …

How to Track Google Analytics Conversions for Elegant Themes Bloom Email Plugin

David Bosley

Updated July 2019 Do you want to track Google Analytics conversions using Elegant Themes Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin without redirecting users to a thank you page or having to use another plugin? If so, the below method will show you how to do this with Google Tag Manager. A huge thank you to Kudos to MeasureSchool on How to track Success and …