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How to Run Crypto Ads

Phillip Reinhardt

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Once considered nothing more than a fad, today’s cryptocurrencies generate staggering returns for investors. Yes, crypto investing has ups and downs, but that’s to be expected. However, growth isn’t something that can be ignored, and the need for crypto advertising is rising. Some of the more recognized social media platforms have all but banned crypto-advertising. …

Adopt these tech updates to stay mobilized, stay social and supercharge your SEO

2020’s Five Golden Rules of SEO

Phillip Reinhardt

As 2020 continues, online competition continues to rise. New websites are taking charge with new prospects, and Google’s Featured Snippets updates promise new ways for Internet users to access bitesize chunks of big information. Sophisticated strategies for boosting one’s organic traffic certainly exist in today’s competitive SEO landscape, yet they’re often hidden behind familiar approaches to keyword gap analysis, search …

The art of product promotion is one mastered by few, but it can be mastered with enough effort.

How to Create a High-Powered Product Launch

David Bosley

Professional selling is all about opportunity—and opportunity isn’t bound by the brackets of chance. Even if your industry’s success barrier entries are infrequent and fleeting, as if appearing on a lottery basis, you can still invest in many tickets. Product Launches: BigTime Bucks or Bank-Breaking Busts? Many fledgling businesses make a killing on launch day—even if it’s their first product …

Creating an optimized online selling experience takes time, but a solid platform builder can hop some hurdles for you.

2020’s Top Tools: E-commerce Website Building

Phillip Reinhardt

If you’re going to sell online, you’ll need the right tools. Maybe you’re just starting off: The sole proprietor of a small business starting off on the right foot via an e-commerce launch campaign. Or, maybe you’re already established—and you’re moving into the online world of selling. In either case, a simple website goes a long way where proactive approaches …

How to Connect Your Online and Offline Marketing in 2020

David Bosley

Managing a digital marketing campaign in 2019 was tough. Just a year before, 2.62 billion worldwide users peaked the social media world. By 2021, experts believe this number will jump to three billion. Branded websites visited due to organic search decreased by two percent in 2019’s first quarter: a surprising turn from 2018’s two-percent, end-year growth spurt. Between online users …

2020 ‘s Top SEO Shifts

Phillip Reinhardt

Like most, you’ve probably been keeping up with SEO. Since 2017, Google has existed under the moniker of an “AI-first” company—designing and assisting organic search with innovative solutions beyond the conventional link-listing design. Between AdWords, Gmail and Google Assistant, quite a lot has changed. Where AI is considered, plenty of upcoming trends will presumably spawn from Google’s RankBrain which was …

Paid Search Psychology: How Emotions Impact Brand Visibility

David Bosley

Psychology’s role in advertising isn’t a new discovery—but today’s marketers are beginning to understand it at an unprecedented depth. When businesses reach out to customers, they invoke reasons to purchase products and services by connecting with every buyer’s predispositions. When emotions enter the mix—revenue can increase substantially. Here are some brief examples: In 2015, the most-shared advertisements were those contingents …

You Should Be Focusing On These Top Marketing Metrics in 2020

David Bosley

For many marketers, 2020 will indeed be a year of hindsight clarity. While some metrics are as strong as ever, others are seemingly falling by the wayside. There are even a few background metrics expected to pull ahead after the New Year. Considering there were over 120 marketing channels analyzed by marketers in 2017 alone, each year witnesses a new …

Developing a Successful YouTube Content Marketing Strategy

David Bosley

Founded back in 2005, YouTube has quickly become one of the single most powerful platforms for both businesses and individuals. Hundreds and perhaps even thousands of people are able to make their living creating content on YouTube alone. For businesses, there are plenty of reasons that YouTube is critical for digital marketing success. First, YouTube has an incredibly vast reach. …