Marketing On Social Media

5 Tips for Achieving Great Social Advertising Results in 2018

Phillip Reinhardt

Social media advertising is a relatively low-cost way to reach a targeted audience of potential buyers — but there are definitely some pitfalls that can be costly. Depending on your product or service, you may be competing against big brands for share of eyeballs. There are hundreds of other businesses and non-profits targeting the same individuals. However, the ability to …

Search Engine Marketing Guidelines

When Marketers Attack! PPC Guidelines to Kick Your Campaigns Into High Gear

Phillip Reinhardt

We all want the holy grail of digital marketing: a website that organically shows up on the first page of Google or Bing search results for our primary keywords. However, this isn’t realistic for every business — there are simply too many businesses going after the same target market. What’s a third-page-ranked business to do? Fortunately, there are some pretty …

Marketing For 2018 And Beyond

4 Predictions That Will Rock Your 2018 (Marketing) World!

Phillip Reinhardt

Every year, we get out our crystal ball and attempt to divine some major themes for the year. While last year ended with a lot of buzz around AI and marketing automation, we believe that this year is going to take these tech basics and start to weave them into next-gen communication methods that will knock your customer’s socks off! …

Five Social Media Updates

5 New Social Media Updates: Learn How They Can Help Your Business!

Phillip Reinhardt

We know that most companies are using social media as part of their digital marketing efforts, but still, we were surprised by a recent Social Media Examiner report. It stated that 92 percent of marketers say that social media is important to their businesses. This was surprising because one of the top complaints we hear from small businesses is that they’re …

Top Agencies & Developers D.C.

PBJ Named Top Digital Marketing and SEO Agency In D.C and Baltimore!

Phillip Reinhardt

For 3rd Year in a Row, PBJ Marketing Named Top Digital Marketing & SEO Agency in Washington, D.C & Baltimore! Washington, D.C. is becoming a technology hotbed, and PBJ Marketing has established itself as one of the leading digital agencies.  D.C. is at the center of the nation’s social and political climate, but as challenges persist, the demand for creative …

Optimizing your sales funnel and making the process smooth

Start Winning Now! Creating and Optimizing Sales Funnels

Phillip Reinhardt

Smart marketers know that the best way to sell online is to ensure that your landing pages are converting and your customer journey to sale is seamless. However, this seemingly-simple step can be littered with complexity and places where your customers get distracted, confused or simply give up. If your marketing isn’t delivering in terms of sales, it’s time to lift …


4 Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Holiday Strategies

Phillip Reinhardt

If you want to finish the end of the year strong, you should already be thinking about a social media marketing strategy for the holiday season. The final stretch of the year presents a huge opportunity for businesses to make one final impact on their target audience. It’s also a chance to get in front of new people, and even push …

Your GUIDE to Driving Brand Discovery This Holiday Season

Phillip Reinhardt

The 2017 holiday shopping season is expected to be unlike any other. For digital marketing professionals to prepare, it’s important to look at key trends from last year that are supposed to carry over into the coming months. According to a recent study conducted by Salsify, aggregated retail data paints a compelling image of the keywords consumers search during holiday shopping. …

PBJ’s 12 Hilarious Domain Name Mistakes

Phillip Reinhardt

Domain Names Choosing a domain name for your website should be a simple task, but unfortunately, the smallest oversight can lead to hilarious results. A lot of the times, businesses simply mash up their company name to get a domain name but fail to consider that you can’t capitalize letters or use spaces. Before you create a hilariously terrible domain …


Twitter Introduces A Subscription-Based Ad Program

Phillip Reinhardt

Twitter’s Ad Revenue During the second quarter of 2017, Twitter’s ad revenue hit a rough patch, but the social network is taking action to right the financial ship. Twitter is currently testing a subscription-based ad program that will have a base price of $99 per month, which will allow some tweets to be automatically promoted. While this might seem like a winning program, …