Instagram Advertising

Win BIG With Instagram’s Awesome New Shoppable Collection Ads

David Bosley

Instagram entered the advertising space with a bang around 2014, and when Instagram ads were added to the Facebook Ads Manager in 2015 the advertising world shifted even further. However, Instagram continued to protect their space by not allowing links off of their site for several years, which made it challenging for advertisers to find value. The most recent iteration …

Facebook Video In Promotions

Could Facebook Live be the next YouTube?? YES

David Bosley

Facebook Live is a global phenomenon, with engagement statistics proving without a doubt that this new way of reaching individuals is here to stay. MediaKix stats show that celebrities, brands and influencers are leveraging this platform to command unheard-of engagement rates of up to 20 percent for their Live content.  Facebook was taking no chances on its success, seeding the pot in 2016 and …

Time To Start Using Instagram For Marketing

Instagram: Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Dive In

Phillip Reinhardt

Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms today. Not only that, but it’s still growing enormously. Currently, there are 800 million monthly active users. The introduction of the popular and engaging ‘stories’ feature has increased the amount of time each user spends on Instagram. They’re also differentiating from Snapchat by allowing users to post old content over and over again. …

Updates to Facebook's Algorithm

How to Beat the New Facebook Algorithm

Phillip Reinhardt

Well, Mark Zuckerberg and his team of uber-programmers have done it again. Just when you thought you’d figured out the Facebook news feed algorithm so your products and updates are shown — they’ve changed it again! This latest rollout is practically a slap in the face to businesses unless you follow these tips to stay ahead of the curve. Why is this update such …

Marketing On Social Media

5 Tips for Achieving Great Social Advertising Results in 2018

Phillip Reinhardt

Social media advertising is a relatively low-cost way to reach a targeted audience of potential buyers — but there are definitely some pitfalls that can be costly. Depending on your product or service, you may be competing against big brands for share of eyeballs. There are hundreds of other businesses and non-profits targeting the same individuals. However, the ability to …

Facebook Update Digital Marketing Changes

The New Facebook Update and What it Means for Digital Marketing

Phillip Reinhardt

What Do the Facebook Changes Mean For Digital Marketing? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shook the marketing world up in a major way on January 11th when he announced perhaps the biggest Facebook digital marketing changes this decade. Moving forward, Facebook is shifting its focus away from marketing content and back to crowd-sourced content. Essentially, this means that people will see less content from companies on their newsfeed, …

Search Engine Marketing Guidelines

When Marketers Attack! PPC Guidelines to Kick Your Campaigns Into High Gear

Phillip Reinhardt

We all want the holy grail of digital marketing: a website that organically shows up on the first page of Google or Bing search results for our primary keywords. However, this isn’t realistic for every business — there are simply too many businesses going after the same target market. What’s a third-page-ranked business to do? Fortunately, there are some pretty …

Marketing For 2018 And Beyond

4 Predictions That Will Rock Your 2018 (Marketing) World!

Phillip Reinhardt

Every year, we get out our crystal ball and attempt to divine some major themes for the year. While last year ended with a lot of buzz around AI and marketing automation, we believe that this year is going to take these tech basics and start to weave them into next-gen communication methods that will knock your customer’s socks off! …

Facebook Text Overlay Tool

David Bosley

Have you received the message “Your ad images contain too much text which is preventing delivery of your ads to your audience. Click any of the links below to manage your ads, and make changes to reduce the amount of text in your ad images to fix this issue.”? If so, be sure to follow the points below so you …

Choosing The Right Marketing Channel

Steps to Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Channel

David Bosley

Whether you are a small business owner or you’re part of a big firm, you know that you need to utilize forms of marketing in order to grow your business. However, there are a lot of different forms of marketing and in the technology age we live in, digital marketing is essential. Before you decide to jump into a digital marketing …