A:B Testing In Digital Marketing

Dynamic Search Ads Will Rock Your (Marketing) World

David Bosley

Most digital marketing professionals have a love/hate relationship with A/B testing. Some love it. Most hate it. The rest of us — we know it’s a necessary evil, but there’s got to be a better way!!! At least in the world of AdWords, that “better way” is coming very soon in the form of Responsive Search Ads. Currently, A/B testing feels like a …

How To Create A Landing Page That Converts

Beyond PPC: Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Phillip Reinhardt

There is no proven scientific method for creating a perfect digital marketing campaign. There are definitely some things that you can do to improve your chances of converting prospects to customers, but even when you’re following the formula you will likely need some tweaks based on your audience, your brand and your market position. Once you have fully optimized your …

Bing Vs Google SEM

Bing or Google? Which SEM Platform Serves You Better

Phillip Reinhardt

You know we love some PPC marketing here at PBJ Marketing, and we’ve talked a fair bit about Google AdWords in the past. We realized it was time to give a little extra love to AdWords’s stepsister: Bing Ads. While Google AdWords is the rock star of the PPC world, Bing Ads have been slowly yet steadily becoming more relevant …

Amazon Sponsored Products are going to help advertisers more than ever with its recent changes

Taking Advantage of Amazon’s New and Improved Sponsored Products

David Bosley

Toward the end of 2017, Amazon began phasing out the way that their Amazon Sponsored Product advertisements were delivered to consumers by slowly eliminating the right rail. This was not an officially announced change, but nonetheless has been confirmed by the company. Instead, ads will be placed solely in more native positions within the Amazon search results pages. This is an important …

Brand evolution is necessary for any companies who want to enjoy sustained long-term growth

Do You Need a Brand Evolution? Take Notes From These 3 Companies

Phillip Reinhardt

Brands have evolved from simply companies that produce goods and service you can rely on to something much more than that. Driven largely by social media, a brand today needs to be exciting and something that people are proud to associate with. Consumers want to share their favorite brands with the family and friends, engage with them on social media, …

Saving time is one of the most important things you can do as a business

The Big Marketing Mistake 97% of SMBs Are Making

Phillip Reinhardt

Marketing is one of the most important tasks a business faces, no matter how big or how small it is. Without a successful marketing strategy, you’ll never be able to find enough new customers to sustain growth. For small businesses, this is especially important. Whether you’re new and trying to dig out a niche in your industry, or well-established and …

PBJ Marketing Named Leading NY Marketing Agency in 2018 by Clutch!

Phillip Reinhardt

A message from our [proud] CEO… Our team at PBJ Marketing works with companies of all sizes and across dozens of sectors to create and develop a market strategy that will help you grow your company. Our marketing tactics are data-driven and focused on long-term growth. We make recommendations with your audience, business objectives, and interests in mind. With the …

The Internet Of Things And What It Means For Marketers

The Internet of Things: What Does It Mean for Marketing?!!

David Bosley

One of today’s most trendy tech phrases is The Internet of Things. We all have a vague idea of what it means – our devices today are all connected to the Internet and to each other, whether they’re smartphones, cars, or refrigerators. As consumers and manufacturers, we’re just starting to scratch the surface of what this means and what we …

Designing Banner Ads That Get Results: 7 Handy Tips and Tricks

David Bosley

Digital advertising is a necessary, yet often frustrating challenge. You need to advertise and get your banners in front of people to drive traffic, leads, and conversions. The problem is that people don’t like to actually click on digital ads. This makes putting together digital advertising campaigns difficult, and designing the ads themselves downright difficult. The good news is that …

Twitter advertisements are one of the best ways to promote your brand and engage with your audience

Using Twitter Ads: Everything You Need to Know

David Bosley

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most important platforms for businesses to engage with their audience. Just take a look at some of these incredible statistics about Twitter: Over 330 unique monthly users, an increase over the past year of more than 10 million. On average, a Twitter user is more likely to have graduated college. On average, a Twitter user is …