Optimizing For Voice Search

Hey Alexa: Is Your Brand Ready for the Voice Search Revolution?

Phillip Reinhardt

“Alexa: Order some toilet paper.” No, this isn’t a husband texting his wife ‘Alexa’ and asking for some Charmin. Instead, it’s a precursor of how an estimated 50 percent of searches will be completed by the year 2020 — via voice. That’s a big statistic, especially when you consider that 30 percent of searches will be performed without a screen by 2020. Let that …

Digital Advertising

Give Your PPC Account a Health Check-Up

David Bosley

An un-optimized PPC campaign can burn through your budget in no time flat, leaving you with empty pockets and trying to figure out exactly what happened. However, when you are able to balance the campaign management with knowledge of your audience — something truly magical can happen. Ad costs plummet and success skyrockets, and that’s what we all want, right?!? …

Native Mobile Apps

Responsive Website or Mobile App? Making the Right Decision for Your Business

Phillip Reinhardt

Is your marketing team constantly warring with your IT department over limited resources and time? This isn’t an unusual state of affairs for many businesses, as marketers are feeling the crunch to deliver more digital experiences faster than ever before. Technology teams see the long-term impact of these decisions as well as how quickly tech is changing and wonder “Is …

Instagram Advertising

Win BIG With Instagram’s Awesome New Shoppable Collection Ads

David Bosley

Instagram entered the advertising space with a bang around 2014, and when Instagram ads were added to the Facebook Ads Manager in 2015 the advertising world shifted even further. However, Instagram continued to protect their space by not allowing links off of their site for several years, which made it challenging for advertisers to find value. The most recent iteration …

People Connect With Your Personality

Your Personality is What Customers Connect With

Phillip Reinhardt

We spend vast quantities of time defining our brand: the look of the logo, the design of our products, packaging, ad creative and website. Are you spending the same amount of time, effort and energy detailing exactly how your communications team is messaging to the world? Your brand personality is what truly makes users want to engage. Beauty brands may want …

2018 Mobile Advertising

3 Mobile Advertising Trends You Need to Know for 2018

Phillip Reinhardt

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that mobile marketing is critical to the success of just about any marketing campaign. Mobile devices are everywhere, people carry their phones everywhere they go and they’re replacing their traditional computers and laptops with tablets (or even phablets). What you might find surprising is that mobile usage is still growing – and quickly. Overall internet usage via mobile …

Facebook Video In Promotions

Could Facebook Live be the next YouTube?? YES

David Bosley

Facebook Live is a global phenomenon, with engagement statistics proving without a doubt that this new way of reaching individuals is here to stay. MediaKix stats show that celebrities, brands and influencers are leveraging this platform to command unheard-of engagement rates of up to 20 percent for their Live content.  Facebook was taking no chances on its success, seeding the pot in 2016 and …

Time To Start Using Instagram For Marketing

Instagram: Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Dive In

Phillip Reinhardt

Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms today. Not only that, but it’s still growing enormously. Currently, there are 800 million monthly active users. The introduction of the popular and engaging ‘stories’ feature has increased the amount of time each user spends on Instagram. They’re also differentiating from Snapchat by allowing users to post old content over and over again. …

Creating Attribution Models

Hey! Are you Paying Attention to Multi-Touch Attribution?

Phillip Reinhardt

If 100 percent of your customers go through your online shopping cart, does that mean that the only advertising and marketing that’s working for your business is the single ad that sends people directly to the cart to make a purchase? Chances are, the answer is likely much more complex. Customer journeys today are like a pile of spaghetti, with …

Why Social Proof Is Important

Don’t Let a Few Customers Kill Your Online Reputation

David Bosley

Today’s consumers are laser-focused on finding the best possible deal. One of the first things people do when they start shopping for products or services is to hit the internet and check out the reviews on Amazon, Yelp, Google or Facebook. This so-called “social proof” is the digital era’s method of asking a neighbor for a recommendation. Unfortunately, these recommendations …