2019 was packed with unique approaches to Facebook advertisement, each of which displayed atypical promotional approaches.

Top Tips of the Past: 2019’s Top Facebook Ad Campaigns

David Bosley

Digital marketers have accomplished a lot in recent years, proposing a wealth of new products and services on the platforms consumers love. Especially Facebook. Let’s check out a few statistics: In 2019, the consumer’s average impression of Facebook advertisements increased by approximately 37 percent. Currently peaking at over 2.45 billion, these users have adapted to the platform’s many changes alongside …

To make the most of your Google Ads campaign, you'll need to reimagine a few age-old approaches to brand visibility problems

Identifying and Avoiding The Biggest Google Ads Pitfalls

Phillip Reinhardt

These days, successful PPC campaigns are incredibly complex. As growing businesses face difficulties leveraging newly acquired funds and constantly shifting target audiences, established professionals are finding new challenges with widespread content needs and brand visibility strategies. Customers, Clicks, and Leads: Google Marketing in 2020 While Google Ads is both the most accessible digital marketing tool available—as well as one of …

As omnichannel marketing becomes increasingly prominent, multifaceted cross-channel targeting approaches are becoming harder to initiate.

The Key Targeting Methods of 2020

David Bosley

Digital channels are more interconnected than ever—giving digital marketers more access to new customer audiences every month. Between highly relevant messages powered by automation and custom-tailored purchasing options, it isn’t difficult to see why today’s biggest brands are thriving in the world of data. In 2020, 61 percent of marketers consider SEO to be a vital ingredient of their digital …

The art of product promotion is one mastered by few, but it can be mastered with enough effort.

How to Create a High-Powered Product Launch

David Bosley

Professional selling is all about opportunity—and opportunity isn’t bound by the brackets of chance. Even if your industry’s success barrier entries are infrequent and fleeting, as if appearing on a lottery basis, you can still invest in many tickets. Product Launches: BigTime Bucks or Bank-Breaking Busts? Many fledgling businesses make a killing on launch day—even if it’s their first product …

Google AdWords is accessible, but it’s also difficult to master. To reach your audience effectively, maximize the best quality of successful SEO and PPC campaigns: a High Quality Score.

Getting the Most out of Google Ads: Your Quality Score

Phillip Reinhardt

When it comes to Google, quality is king. The average digital marketer can double their annual return with a solid Google Ads approach—and even the most ambitious PPC campaign can be incredibly cost-efficient when a keen eye for high website performance is applied. Is it possible to estimate keyword, ad and landing page quality? Much of a PPC campaign can …

To create the best Instagram marketing plan, use the platform’s latest innovations to craft innovations of your own.

Our Top Tips for Strategic Instagram Marketing in 2020

David Bosley

Instagram has always been a preferred “home” platform for digital marketers—serving as the foundation upon which powerful, multichannel strategies are built upon. But what’s Instagram’s potential in 2020? Will it accumulate more steam, becoming the Internet’s uncontested top-dog social media platform? Or will it lose clout as new, emergent social media sites gain recognition of their own? Crafting a marketing …

Whether you're focused on new followers or network for new opportunities, having a solid approach to Facebook page promotion is a necessity.

The Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Page Visits

Phillip Reinhardt

Who doesn’t like social media traffic? If you’re building your brand, you need followers—plain and simple. Having a core consumer group—one which you can rely on—isn’t all fun and games, however. You might have a fancy Facebook page, complete with targeted ads, but you’ll have a tough time staying relevant: Over 90 million small businesses have the same plan. So, …

Top-contending digital marketing strategies pursue revenue growth as a prime benchmark, and best-in-class marketers adopt only the best technologies.

Five Ways Data Science Can Boost Your Digital Marketing ROI

David Bosley

The art of gathering, interpreting and implementing data has come a long way. Today’s best digital marketing campaigns utilize trend-derived data points not only to strategize content—but to refine it for long-term campaigns. To measure marketing outcomes effectively, each data set needs to have the utmost accuracy. This said, collected data can’t fall too far into objectivity—as subjective extrapolations about …

Creating an optimized online selling experience takes time, but a solid platform builder can hop some hurdles for you.

2020’s Top Tools: E-commerce Website Building

Phillip Reinhardt

If you’re going to sell online, you’ll need the right tools. Maybe you’re just starting off: The sole proprietor of a small business starting off on the right foot via an e-commerce launch campaign. Or, maybe you’re already established—and you’re moving into the online world of selling. In either case, a simple website goes a long way where proactive approaches …