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Google Core Update – September 2022 

Phillip Reinhardt

Short on the heels of Google’s August “Helpful Content” core algorithm update, Google launched another core update on September 12th. The Helpful Content update was launched on August 25th and ended on September 9th, which makes launching another core algorithm update just three days later somewhat unexpected. Pundits, digital marketing teams, advertisers, publishers, and SEO professionals all had different expectations …

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Breakdown of Google Ads Automated Strategies

Nicki Betterbid

As the preeminent search engine, Google has long dominated the world of online advertising. Running Google Ads is often the best way to generate leads and opportunities. This all-important advertising platform allows you to drive targeted traffic of ready-to-buy customers to keyword-optimized landing pages. Unfortunately, monitoring your ad campaigns and budget can be time-consuming and extremely labor-intensive. That’s where Google …

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Creating New Content vs. Optimizing Old Webpages: Which is Better for SEO?

Nicki Betterbid

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), content is king. However, surprisingly, too much content can sometimes backfire. Creating content just for the sake of creating content can lead to content shock. Audiences will ignore your marketing message if they’ve seen it and heard it all too often. So, does this mean you scale back on creating content and …

What You Need to Know About Google’s May Core Update

Nicki Betterbid

Every digital marketing professional, advertiser, and publisher has, at one time or another, experienced the drastic impact a Google algorithm change can have on their website traffic, search results, and PageRank. We’ve all heard the stories of a website’s traffic plummeting overnight due to one of these Google algorithm changes. We often take solace in the fact that most algorithm …

Google Ads vs. Bing Ads

Nicki Betterbid

Everyone is well aware that Google Ads has long dominated the world of pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Over the years, there have been many challengers to the throne, but Google reigns supreme when it comes to advertising online. As early as 2020, Google’s advertising network generated a staggering $147 Billion in revenue with a market capitalization of $1.5 trillion and a …

Creating Lookalike Campaigns on FB

Nicki Betterbid

Creating social media ad targeting has never been simple or quick. Having to research, navigate and enact multiple targeting options manually has always been a somewhat frustrating affair. Doing it once is time-consuming enough, so is there a way to duplicate your efforts without having to go through all those hassles? Can you target similar audiences without going through that …

How to Adapt to Google Phasing Out Third-Party Cookies

Nicki Betterbid

In August 2020, Google launched its new initiative called Privacy Sandbox. This Google announcement outlined a new set of privacy standards for internet users while stating that third-party cookies would be eliminated on its Chrome browser over the next two years. For most digital marketing teams, this announcement may not be cause for concern. However, for others, it is definitely …

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Facebook’s Removal of Detailed Targeting in January

Nicki Betterbid

Facebook has long dominated the social media landscape. However, faced with mounting pressure to meet ever-changing privacy regulations, Facebook decided to eliminate thousands of advertising targeting options this past January. While advertisers are obviously concerned, it may not be as bad a situation as some might believe. Just last Tuesday, March 15th, Facebook’s parent company Meta was hit with a …

The importance of link building

The Importance of Link-Building

Nicki Betterbid

Link-building has always been a critical component of search engine optimization (SEO).