Immediate Decisions with Micro-Moments

What Are Micro-Moments in Marketing and Why Do You Care?

Phillip Reinhardt

Every consumer has dozens — if not hundreds — of moments during the day where they make decisions based on an external stimulus. This could be everything from researching a new product or service, feeling a need to make a purchase or discovering a brand-new type of product. The experts at Google have come up with a name for these turning points …

Agile marketing means that you’re always ready to face any challenge that gets in your way.

Staying On Your Toes: What Does Agile Digital Marketing Really Mean?

David Bosley

Being agile is one of the single most important aspects of digital marketing success. The problem is that not many companies actually understand what it means to be agile. Even fewer are able to put that knowledge into action. At its core, agile marketing means taking a strategic approach to marketing. You need to understand your company, your employees, and …

Outsourced digital marketing means finding the right partner to help you grow your business.

Digital Marketing: In-house or Outsourced, What’s Right For Your Business?

Phillip Reinhardt

No matter how big or small your business is, you’ll have to make the decision on which operational tasks you’re going to handle in-house and which you’re going to supplement with outsourced ones. Many companies simply take a look at their budget and figure out what option costs the least. That’s an enormous mistake. The decision on how to handle …

Target Content to Your Audience

Audience Segmentation and Messaging: Tools Every Marketer Needs

Phillip Reinhardt

Communicating with people at scale is a challenging task, but how can you create information and messages that will resonate with individuals who are at different stages of their buying journey? You wouldn’t want to send an email to a prospect who is currently enrolled in college talking about your offerings for retirees, right? Audience segmentation does take some upfront …

Rundown of Digital Marketing Training Opportunities for Your Team

Phillip Reinhardt

In digital marketing, the changes come fast and furious — and with that comes a wealth of new information that your team must somehow ingest and utilize. The term “drinking from a firehose” comes to mind when you consider the number of blog posts, online courses, training events and even local meet-ups that are available. Here’s a quick rundown of …

Does Your Team Have These Marketing Skills?

5 Digital Marketing Skills You Need to Grow Your Business

David Bosley

Is your business taking full advantage of the digital marketing toolkits that the largest brands in the world have at their fingertips? Having next-level digital marketing doesn’t necessarily require massive investments in technology. Some of the most basic ways to grow your business are reasonably-priced and can be made to fit within many budgets. However, is your marketing team equipped …