Identifying new target audiences can take time, and connecting with them requires a comprehensive approach to different social media platforms. To make the most of your cross-channel strategy, you’ll need to enhance your brand’s mobile and desktop experiences.

Paid Ads and Millennials: What’s Trending, What Works and What Doesn’t

David Bosley

Every consumer segment’s active channel tends to change. With different social media outlets adopting new social media marketing options, it can be tough to redirect one’s e-commerce pathway. Fortunately, it’s possible to shift gear—changing passive consumption into active brand engagement. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, there’s always a venue to connect with others. Millennial Marketing in 2020 Let’s …

Google Review Summaries can be your brand's biggest digital marketing utility. To implement it correctly, however, you'll need to target the right criteria for analysis.

Google Review Summaries: Redefining Your Brand Highlights

Phillip Reinhardt

Online reviews are incredibly valuable, and it’s possible to implement their analysis in unbeatable strategies. For many years, online reviews and SEO have gone hand in hand. Reviews are so valuable, in fact, that they contribute 10 percent to a Google display ad’s visibility. Even though every company is different, online review impact tends to be a bottom-line factor: We …

To get the most out of your next digital campaign, check out the industry's latest, greatest marketing pursuits in real-time scenarios.

The Best Real-Time Marketing Campaigns We’ve Seen—And What We Can Learn From Them

David Bosley

In a digital landscape defined by seamless engagements, defining real-time branding is tough, indeed. This said, the intricacies involved aren’t necessarily created by the dynamics of ‘real-time event planning, itself. Instead, they’re happily considered, by many, to be over-packed with options. Don’t worry, though, because in-the-moment audience outreach isn’t without effective frameworks of reference. Because real-time marketing is all about …

Online marketing and SEO do not need to be a mystery for your organization, the right team can bring clarity and a better understanding of the SEO process.

How Hiring a Marketing Agency for SEO Can Be More Impactful and Cost-Effective

David Bosley

There are many reasons businesses win when they choose to hire a marketing agency for their search engine optimization (SEO) needs. In fact, many businesses discover that hiring professionals to handle their marketing and SEO needs not only provides better yields for their businesses but is also far more cost-effective. In other words, you’re like to get far more bang …

To get the most out of your Instagram Shop, you'll need to utilize tags effectively, connect with other sellers, prioritize your Facebook Shop and recreate your brand's mobile image.

Instagram Shopping: Boosting Your Brand’s Impact

Phillip Reinhardt

Social media selling portals aren’t new—but Instagram keeps them feeling fresh. It’s consistently been a hotspot of brand innovation, serving over 70 percent of brand-specific buying enthusiasts looking for new releases, great deals and then some. Instagram’s potential as a future provider grows constantly, powered by one-tap tags, SEO-rich descriptions and visual media stages rivaled by none. We’re talking about …


Marketing Through Memes: How To Do It Right

Brooke Spallino

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a meme is worth one million. Memes are a fun way to reflect on current events, trends, and cliches and make your audience laugh. With the help of social media, marketing with humor and familiar media can engage those hard-to-reach consumers. Across multiple industries, more marketers are using memes to build their …

Your next SERP strategy has several new avenues of opportunity. At the same time, some of today's most popular digital marketing strategies deserve a revisit.

Google Myth-Busting: False Flag Search Factors

David Bosley

Digital marketing can be fairly obscure, sometimes. Digital marketers, themselves, frequently double-down on strategies backed by any discernable evidence as a result—mistaking their own successful initiatives as further proof of technically unverified ‘cornerstone approaches’ throughout the industry. Because the world of consumers is always changing—and at seemingly faster paces, year to year—it’s important to double-check the tools we’ve relied on …

Instagram's Story AR filters and Facebook Spark spell out unique oportunities, in upcoming years. Specifically, look towards seamless brand interactions, both newly powered by AR.

AR Filters for Digital Marketing: Why They Work

Phillip Reinhardt

At times, it feels like we’re right on the cusp of full-fledged AR campaigns—utilizing today’s leading real-time services, intuitive data tools, and immersive shopping experiences too, basically, redefine the world of consumerism. If you’re one of the ones waiting for a safely blazed trail ahead of time, however, now might be a good time to carve out your own niche: …

LinkedIn Stories are here, offering new ways for businesses to amass consumer followers while maintaining client audiences.

Strategize Your LinkedIn Stories with SEO

David Bosley

When it comes to digital marketing, SEO in particular, LinkedIn is often overlooked. Whether you’ve recently hopped aboard the platform to augment an existing strategy, intend on bridging Facebook-related gaps or simply want to establish a social media presence, LinkedIn’s quality shouldn’t be passed up. A Network of Professionals LinkedIn’s digital marketing spark stems from its wide array of B2B …