Some metrics are more valuable than others, but which?

You Should Be Focusing On These Top Marketing Metrics in 2020

David Bosley

For many marketers, 2020 will indeed be a year of hindsight clarity. While some metrics are as strong as ever, others are seemingly falling by the wayside. There are even a few background metrics expected to pull ahead after the New Year. Considering there were over 120 marketing channels analyzed by marketers in 2017 alone, each year witnesses a new …

For many years, digital marketing has compared mobile and desktop conversion rates. While smartphones are effective lead generators, the desktop’s historical reliability may result in more conversions.

The Mobile Popularity Paradox: Is Desktop Landing More Conversions?

Phillip Reinhardt

Mobile marketing is in—but other digital marketing platforms aren’t necessarily out. Especially desktop. Business owners are well aware of mobile marketing’s visitor-attracting potency across the e-commerce world. They’ve entirely redefined the online buying experience—kicking off the modern consumer’s pathway-to-purchase over the smartphone. Smartphone marketing statistics justify the mobile-first approach, too: An whopping 24 percent of United States’ e-commerce spending stems …

The Biggest Metrics Pitfalls of 2019, and How to Avoid Them

David Bosley

The use of gig data, often, is a digital marketer’s ideal solution. Like most resources, however, data has downfalls. Internet information certainly isn’t difficult to come by—especially in 2019. As the big data analytics market is likely to reach $103 billion by 2023, 2019 is expected to see another 20 percent of growth before the end of December. Enormous data …

Elegant Themes Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin

How to Track Google Analytics Conversions for Elegant Themes Bloom Email Plugin

David Bosley

Updated July 2019 Do you want to track Google Analytics conversions using Elegant Themes Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin without redirecting users to a thank you page or having to use another plugin? If so, the below method will show you how to do this with Google Tag Manager. A huge thank you to Kudos to MeasureSchool on How to track Success and …