What You Need to Know About Google’s May Core Update

Nicki Betterbid

Every digital marketing professional, advertiser, and publisher has, at one time or another, experienced the drastic impact a Google algorithm change can have on their website traffic, search results, and PageRank. We’ve all heard the stories of a website’s traffic plummeting overnight due to one of these Google algorithm changes. We often take solace in the fact that most algorithm …

content is king

Is Content Shock Affecting Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Nicki Betterbid

People are inundated with content nowadays. Videos, blogs, websites, podcasts, apps, social media, and a host of other online platforms continually feed us with news and information. Every single day, we have access to countless online resources either through our smartphones, tablets, or laptops. However, have we reached that point where there is simply too much content for people to absorb? …

Top Tips for Successful Content Marketing Campaigns

David Bosley

Content remains the undisputed king of the internet. If you want your website, business, etc. to be successful online, it is essential to provide a steady stream of quality content. But writing content for the sake of writing content isn’t an effective means of creating a successful content marketing campaign. In fact, it’s a waste of time, energy, effort, and …

Social media influencers are changing the way businesses operate.

Knowing Your Network: Different Types of Influencers

David Bosley

Marketing your business in the information age is different than any other time in history. The tired old methods of marketing are no longer effective for building businesses in a digital world. Today, more than ever, it’s important to understand and get to know the people in your network and build relationships so you can help each other enjoy greater …


Marketing Through Memes: How To Do It Right

David Bosley

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a meme is worth one million. Memes are a fun way to reflect on current events, trends, and cliches and make your audience laugh. With the help of social media, marketing with humor and familiar media can engage those hard-to-reach consumers. Across multiple industries, more marketers are using memes to build their …

In 2020, digital marketing climate is packed with information. To get the information that matters the most, you’ll need to connect with customers in ways that matter.

2020’s Top Mobile Apps to Market With

David Bosley

Today’s updated mobile apps answer much more than our need for convention: In Quarter One of 2020, the top 250 sellers experienced a 34-percent higher download rate than last year. For new, mobile-bound startups, constant improvements to apps like Zoom, Netflix, and Babylon level out the playing field. If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past few years, it’s that …

Successful market segmentation blends several core components of efficient digital advertising.

The 10 Costliest Market Segmentation Pitfalls

David Bosley

Both new and established business operators know the importance of a well-established target market. If you want to build a solid consumer foundation, it’s crucial to identify who you’re selling to. ‘Who,’ however, is only one component of the equation. You also need to know what your target market wants, and you’ll need to understand when it’s the right time …

How to Connect Your Online and Offline Marketing in 2020

David Bosley

Managing a digital marketing campaign in 2019 was tough. Just a year before, 2.62 billion worldwide users peaked the social media world. By 2021, experts believe this number will jump to three billion. Branded websites visited due to organic search decreased by two percent in 2019’s first quarter: a surprising turn from 2018’s two-percent, end-year growth spurt. Between online users …

Developing a Successful YouTube Content Marketing Strategy

David Bosley

Founded back in 2005, YouTube has quickly become one of the single most powerful platforms for both businesses and individuals. Hundreds and perhaps even thousands of people are able to make their living creating content on YouTube alone. For businesses, there are plenty of reasons that YouTube is critical for digital marketing success. First, YouTube has an incredibly vast reach. …