Your YouTube content marketing strategy is a critical piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

Developing a Successful YouTube Content Marketing Strategy

David Bosley

Founded back in 2005, YouTube has quickly become one of the single most powerful platforms for both businesses and individuals. Hundreds and perhaps even thousands of people are able to make their living creating content on YouTube alone. For businesses, there are plenty of reasons that YouTube is critical for digital marketing success. First, YouTube has an incredibly vast reach. …

Successful multi-channel marketing means all of your marketing channels work together as a single cohesive unit.

Using Digital Marketing Alongside Traditional Marketing Channels

Phillip Reinhardt

One of the most difficult struggles for companies is finding a way to reconcile their traditional marketing channels with their digital channels. For companies that have been around a long time, the traditional marketing channels, such as radio or print advertising, could be old-hand with long-developed relationships. Newer companies may have their hand on the pulse of the digital world …

Your digital presence might be formidable, but a solid content marketing strategy centered on consistent blog posts can bring your marketing to the next level.

This Year’s Top 10 Content Marketing Strategies

David Bosley

Today’s digital marketing climate is one of constant change—and content marketing is at the forefront. As of 2016, 42 percent of B2C marketers stated an intention to boost their content marketing strategies—followed by 33 percent of nonprofit marketers in their wake. While modern content is comprised primarily of blogs, tweets and Facebook posts, a sizable chunk still exists in the form …

Your digital marketing audit is a close look at your existing digital marketing strategies

How to Perform a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Audit

Phillip Reinhardt

The first step to launching a successful digital marketing strategy is carefully sitting down, planning it out, and putting it into place. However, the digital world practically moves at the speed of light. Tactics that worked three months ago may no longer be best-practice. Tactics that worked three years ago may actually be harming your efforts. In order to stay …

Does Your Team Have These Marketing Skills?

5 Digital Marketing Skills You Need to Grow Your Business

David Bosley

Is your business taking full advantage of the digital marketing toolkits that the largest brands in the world have at their fingertips? Having next-level digital marketing doesn’t necessarily require massive investments in technology. Some of the most basic ways to grow your business are reasonably-priced and can be made to fit within many budgets. However, is your marketing team equipped …

Healthcare Practice Digital Marketing

Are You Taking Advantage of the Latest Trends in Healthcare Marketing?

Phillip Reinhardt

With the commoditization of healthcare, it’s no longer enough to have the best staff, the quickest wait times and the comfiest offices and wait for word to get around to get new patients. Today’s successful healthcare practices are leveraging the hottest new trends in marketing to ensure that they are the top search result, that their online reviews are exceptional …

What Is Content Curation and How Can It Maximize Your SEO Efforts?

David Bosley

Content curation is a marketing strategy that is excellent for maximizing engagement with customers as well as boosting SEO ranking results. This technique consists of compiling existing digital content together to create pieces that will attract your target audience to gain the attention your business needs to raise your SEO rankings and increase sales. Content curation is all about gathering and selecting …

Authentic digital marketing is critical if you want to actually connect with your audience and build a real relationship.

Transparency Matters: How to Be Truly Authentic in Your Digital Marketing

David Bosley

Authenticity is quickly becoming one of the biggest drivers in consumer decision-making. An astounding 90% of all Millennials say that brand authenticity is a key factor when it comes to selecting brands to support. Older generations aren’t far behind, either. 85% of Generation X claims that it’s important and 80% of Baby Boomers do, too. If you want to have sustained success with …


Finding the Optimal Social Media Post Time

David Bosley

While social media marketing is easily accessible at first glance, its barriers to entry are surprisingly high. If you’re not cut out for a steep learning curve, it’s all too easy to tumble out of control before you’ve fully developed your online brand. Content matters. It drives buyer immersion, brand recognition and—most importantly—a sense of connection. Between Facebook’s innovations geared towards News …