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PBJ Marketing’s SEO Team Presents to John Hopkins on SEO Basics

Phillip Reinhardt

At the beginning of this month, our team had the pleasure of presenting to the John Hopkins Interactive Marketing and Advertising class. SEO Manager Nicki Betterbid and SEO Specialist Marisa Casella led the presentations, covering the four pillars of SEO and answering student questions about the future of digital marketing.  John Hopkins Presentation: SEO 101 SEO is a complicated subject, …

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How to Run Crypto Ads

Phillip Reinhardt

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Once considered nothing more than a fad, today’s cryptocurrencies generate staggering returns for investors. Yes, crypto investing has ups and downs, but that’s to be expected. However, growth isn’t something that can be ignored, and the need for crypto advertising is rising. Some of the more recognized social media platforms have all but banned crypto-advertising. …

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Facebook’s Removal of Detailed Targeting in January

Nicki Betterbid

Facebook has long dominated the social media landscape. However, faced with mounting pressure to meet ever-changing privacy regulations, Facebook decided to eliminate thousands of advertising targeting options this past January. While advertisers are obviously concerned, it may not be as bad a situation as some might believe. Just last Tuesday, March 15th, Facebook’s parent company Meta was hit with a …

The importance of link building

The Importance of Link-Building

Nicki Betterbid

Link-building has always been a critical component of search engine optimization (SEO).

Top B2B Companies, Globally, 2021

Clutch Recognizes PBJ Marketing As Among The Top 1000 B2B Companies For 2021

Phillip Reinhardt

At PBJ Marketing, we take an analytics-based approach to digital execution, and we’re well-known for creating relevant brand experiences and delivering the evidence to back up our success. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop digital solutions driven by the knowledge of their business and our interactive expertise. The right balance of art and technology, insight and planning, strategy …

Digital Marketing Events in Washington, D.C. for 2020

David Bosley

When it comes to maintaining your professional identity, nothing could be easier than attending a conference in your field. For digital marketing, this is no different. Connecting with like-minded professionals and building your network could be one of the most beneficial investments into your career. Digital Marketing Conferences Digital Marketing Bootcamps Symposiums in Digital Marketing Workshops for Digital Marketers Career …

PBJ Marketing Named in Clutch’s Top 1,000 B2B Service Providers Worldwide

Phillip Reinhardt

PBJ Marketing is excited to announce our recent recognition as one of the world’s leading agencies in pay per click. Focusing all of our company services on pay per click and SEO allows us to have a diverse clientele, including a range of sizes and industries of the businesses we work with. Being featured in the top 1% of the …

2020 ‘s Top SEO Shifts

Phillip Reinhardt

Like most, you’ve probably been keeping up with SEO. Since 2017, Google has existed under the moniker of an “AI-first” company—designing and assisting organic search with innovative solutions beyond the conventional link-listing design. Between AdWords, Gmail and Google Assistant, quite a lot has changed. Where AI is considered, plenty of upcoming trends will presumably spawn from Google’s RankBrain which was …