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David Bosley

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“With PBJ, online revenue has achieved its highest value in company history.
They’re just in it to win it with us, and that really means a lot.”” ~CEO

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In a Nutshell…

Foremost Medical Equipment (FME) is primarily an eCommerce business that provides new and recertified equipment, devices and supplies to the international medical community.

FME knew they were not succeeding at the level they wanted in AdWords, PPC [Pay-Per-Click], and Organic SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. They also knew their website had purchase flow challenges. FME needed an agency that could shine some light on their digital footprint and provide strategic consultation Previous firms they worked with just didn’t have a good understanding of their business, and FME was wasting money.

Today, PBJ Marketing’s dedicated digital marketing team manages ongoing PPC, AdWords, and SEO campaigns by identifying areas for improvement and accelerating success rates across the board each month.

Through close client collaboration and our up-to-date, ever evolving digital strategies, online revenue has achieved its highest value in company history. Our team’s comprehensive approach and ability to implement immediate changes continue to promote a fruitful partnership.

PBJ’s Ongoing Strategy

Talking almost everyday in the beginning, we started with a comprehensive under-the-hood audit and assessment of all three target areas (PPC, SEO, Website). The client had no idea what was coming, but boy were they appreciative. We identified multiple “red flags” the brand needed to be concerned about. We then pu forth an immediate action plan along with a long-term growth strategy to address those red flags and begin optimizing.

Within the first 30 days, we performed extensive work on the website so it was SEO Friendly by renaming product photos and descriptions, improving on search filters, and working on the overall User Interface and Experience especially with how customers interacted with the cart.

We consider part of the FME family because we now know everything about their products. We know where they want to spend, how they want to spend, and we take into consideration their high-profit margin products. We have taken a comprehensive approach to how we’re spending their money and ensuring the brand is getting the biggest bang for their buck!

Key Highlights from 2017!






Online Revenue

Record High


Month over Month

Feedback Straight from the Client…

We’ve seen the biggest impact in AdWords and PPC. They’ve done a phenomenal job. We consider them part of our company. We just got the SEO started. In terms of PPC, we’ve had our highest revenue month ever as a company online, so to us that’s a huge indicator. We’ve seen our transactions become higher in revenue dollars, and we’re spending less for them.

Before PBJ, we had a lot of transactions, but the return on the ad spend was much smaller. Now, we’re getting big-ticket, high-dollar items coming through online, so that’s really something that we care about. With our website, sometimes people just come in for information because they want to get a quote or they need pricing or something. We’ve seen an uptick in high-ticket items being requested for quotes. We know that we are seeing fantastic results based on our history as a company.

They do really well. What we really like is that they keep us updated. We have a recap almost every four weeks where we can review everything that they’ve done. They keep us informed, but they don’t overwhelm us. We’re not techies, so we pay them to take on these projects and to implement them. We don’t need to babysit them.

That’s what’s been really beneficial about them: they take care of it. They know the level of interaction that we want. We interact with them on a daily basis for questions or things with the website, but on the long-term projects, they really just take it and put a timeline on it. They’ve hit every single timeline they’ve set, and then we work together just to make sure we’re on the same page for the next set of projects.

They’ve really become a true partner. That’s what all vendors say to you, but it really is truthful with these guys. They care about our company’s success, not just theirs; they really have invested the time to understand our products, the nomenclature, how we sell, and all of that means a lot to us.

They’re very accessible. I can text, call, or email them at any time. They’re just in it to win it with us, and that really means a lot. Their communication is another thing that sets them apart. When you’re interacting with folks who are not necessarily techies, you sometimes can get lost pretty fast in the communication. They have a way of communicating with us in layman’s terms so that we can understand. It also helps us make decisions a lot faster as opposed to having to decipher what they’re saying.