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Video Content is On the Rise: How to Create Great Video Content

Phillip Reinhardt

Making great video content has never been more important than it is today. The frequency of video content appearing in Google searches is now 74%, an increase of almost double from last year. Video’s visibility is growing on other websites, too.

In addition to this, video content can also help boost your SEO, help your social media presence and drive conversions. If your video content is poor, however, it’ll make your company look bad while you waste valuable time and money. Here are four tips for creating effective, high-quality video content in 2019:

1. Keep it Structured

A successful video needs to do more than sell your audience on something. It needs to pull them in and make sure that they watch the whole thing. Think about the viewer’s experience from start to finish. Open up with an effective hook and maintain a consistent message throughout. End with a bang and a reason for your audience to take the next step, whatever it might be.

Keeping your video content structured doesn’t mean it can’t also be unique and exciting.

2. Choose Your Thumbnail Strategically

Websites like YouTube will select your thumbnail automatically, but letting them do so is a major mistake. Your thumbnail, along with the title and any description copy, are the only things enticing viewers to click on your content. Beyond that, your thumbnail on YouTube will appear on any Google search results – making it even more important. Your thumbnail needs to draw attention and match the message that you’re delivering. If you’re not sure what to use, try switching it around and testing what image is most effective.

3. Use Other People

A great way to generate blog content is by using guest bloggers and industry experts, and video is the same way. You’ll be able to expand your video’s reach to their audience and improve your reputation by teaming with influencers.

Another great way to use other people to help create your content for you is by encouraging audience-generated content, such as reviews or referrals. Your viewers will be more likely to trust other users like them and you’ll get free content to leverage.

4. Stick to Your Purpose

Not all videos are effective for every single outcome. You need to make sure that every single video you create has a purpose. Figure out what the message you want to deliver is and what outcome you’re aiming for. As you create the video, make sure everything revolves around that purpose. It takes a bit more effort to create videos specifically for social media, conversions, information, etc., but in the end, your results will be much stronger.

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