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Why You Should Be Starting Your Business Blog NOW!

Phillip Reinhardt

Starting Your Business Blog

Blogs are old news, just for home businesses — right? Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Brands of all sizes are seeing the value in content marketing, and creating an interactive blog is one of the best possible ways to create the feeling of a one-on-one conversation with your customers. Today’s prospects and customers want to feel as though they can speak directly to the brand in a highly personal way, and that can be difficult if you’re simply sending customers to a landing page for conversion. However, a blog provides a more natural voice to your brand and a way to interact more closely with a wide range of the population. Plus, content marketers know that the highly engaging content in a blog makes it more likely to be shared to extend your organic reach.

Benefits of content marketing for your business

Stand Out from the Crowd

If you and six of your competitors are selling the same gadget, and you’re the only one in the marketplace educating consumers on how to use your product — doesn’t that give you a bit of an edge? Millions of business owners and marketers agree that it does, and blogging is a great way to casually let prospects and customers know about new and creative ways to utilize your solutions. Content marketing such as blogs, white papers and infographics are fun ways to educate your various audience segments and introduce new ideas. Even better, you’ll get a ready test-market for your R&D department as people on social media and on blog sites are often willing to give you unbiased feedback to craft a solution that meets their needs.

Generate Leads

Creating a sales funnel requires that you have a variety of ways to “feed the beast” and keep prospects flowing into the top of the funnel. Content marketing in the form of a blog is one of the most cost-effective methods of enticing potential clients to register for updates and learn more, deepening their engagement with your organization. Blog posts can be utilized to promote white papers, which then provides you with an opportunity to gather valuable prospect data and interests around your products or services.

Know Your Audience

Understanding the needs and desires of your audience is one of the first steps towards becoming successful at selling products or services online or in person. Creating a two-way conversation in the form of a blog not only allows you to disseminate information or training, but also to listen to the questions that your audience is asking and view their demographics in the form of Facebook or Google Analytics. These valuable resources can tell you the general age of your audience, interests and needs, income level and more. Leverage this information to build personas for your audience so you can target your advertising dollars more effectively.

Boost Your SEO

Hopefully, you’re aware that Google adores fresh content, and will offer you bonuses for new content that is not only highly engaging but also very relevant to readers. While it makes sense to craft professional marketing and sales copy for the majority of your website pages and your sales funnels, blog content allows you a way to keep updated information headed to your website on a regular basis. Create articles on a variety of topics to appeal to a broader audience, but be sure you’re staying around the core of your business to generate the right type of leads — those that are most likely to convert to buyers.

This digital marketing topic and more are covered on a regular basis on our blog, and we hope you drop by to keep learning!

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