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How to Unlock Your Inner RETARGETING Ninja

David Bosley

A customer comes to your website, looks at one or more products. They poke around a bit, perhaps even add a specific product to their cart. And then the unthinkable happens.

They leave.

Without buying anything.

What. The. Heck.

Even though there’s not a bell that rings on your desk every time this happens, there are plenty of ways you can track customer behavior through data-driven marketing. There’s no need to cry into your morning latte when customers do what they often do (leave, without making a purchase) when you can take action! Get your inner ninja online and get ready to go stealth mode with retargeting ads.

Don’t Bug Me, Man

While retargeting is a marketer’s dream, it can be a consumer’s worst nightmare. Imagine browsing a product on your mobile, finding what you want and making the purchase later from your desktop. If marketers aren’t crafty, this consumer could end up seeing ads all over the web for something that they already purchased. Not only is the marketer losing money trying to re-sell someone who already bought, but the consumer is annoyed as heck thinking “Leave me alone! I already bought your crazy widget!” Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this epidemic of annoyance: the burn code. Adding a burn pixel to your post-transaction page will exclude purchasers from your retargeting efforts.

Make it Compelling

How To Bring Visitors Back To Your Website

Sure, there are customers who are just price-shopping and don’t plan to make a purchase, but that’s not who you are targeting. Instead, you need to go after the people who were almost persuaded by your website. Maybe there was a small concern that you need to overcome. Maybe they needed a slightly lower price point. Of course, you can’t read their minds, but marketing ninjas can make an educated guess at what stopped the sale. When in doubt, offer a small (or not-so-small!) discount with a compelling time-blocked offer that will nudge your customer to make a decision to purchase.

Set Retargeting Limits

Keep your costs low by limiting the number of times you show a retargeting ad to a specific consumer and the timeframe in which to show the ads. You don’t want to annoy your audience by showing retargeting ads weeks and weeks after a consumer has visited your site. Again — you’re bugging people, and just making it that much more likely that they won’t buy your goods and services in the future. Keeping your content fresh by creating multiple versions of ads can help overcome objections, too. Seeing the same ad over and over again would be boring, but some slight variations might catch the eye of a consumer and compel them to take another peek at your page.

Retarget the Right Targets

If you’re a car dealership in middle Tennessee, you probably don’t want to retarget your ads to a browser from California. It’s highly unlikely that the Cali visitor is looking to make a purchase on the other side of the country. If they are — good for them! However, your funds are more effectively spent in your state and the surrounding areas. People will drive a bit for a large purchase such as a vehicle, but many items for sale on your website are likely to be purchased from individuals in your general geographic area. While you’re checking geo-location, do some digging into customer demographics overall. You may find that you need to revise your thoughts of your key target marketing — or you need to tighten your advertising radius to get the most engaged customers started down your sales funnel.

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