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Two Powerful Google Tools to Strengthen Your Brand

Phillip Reinhardt

We don’t quite get the appeal of camping out in front of a store for all the sweet Black Friday deals, but to us, Cyber Monday makes a little more sense. More retailers are attempting to undermine Black Friday this year and experts predict they’re going to do an excellent job. Projections anticipate Cyber Monday sales to surpass $3 billion in 2015 while Black Monday sales are expected to reach no higher than $2.7 billion.
Now we have to ask, is your brand’s strategy prepared to handle Cyber Monday?


There are two new and powerful Google AdWords tools out there that will bolster your holiday marketing efforts: Shopping ads on YouTube and TrueView.


Shopping Ads on YouTube
You’re probably already familiar with shopping ads popping up in your YouTube videos, but Google’s Shopping Ads services have recently been expanded to display on non-promoted, organic YouTube videos. These clickable merchant cards can pop up during a video whenever you specify, and you will only be charged when a user clicks the ad.


Slightly different than Shopping Ads on YouTube, TrueView allows you to showcase product details as cards within your video ads. Users have full control of which ads show in their TrueView videos, and are only charged if a view watches for more than 30 seconds.


Using These Tools
Cyber Monday deals get published weeks – and even months – before they’re available. This gives shoppers ample time to research products and compare deals. As video becomes the preferred platform for promoting brand awareness and creating compelling web content, companies can take advantage of Shopping Ads on YouTube and TrueView.

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