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Two Operational Emails You Simply Must Optimize

David Bosley

There are two emails that your business sends out every day — day in and day out — that could significantly increase your sales if you leveraged them properly. That’s right. The magic happens when you optimize your welcome email series and your order confirmations.

Skyrocket your eCommerce revenue! Punch-up your upsells! Reduce cart abandonment!

That’s a lot of exclamation marks! The reality is that two simple, transactional and boring emails are likely to have the highest open rates simply because they are coming at the ideal time for consumer engagement. You could realistically be looking at double-digit increases in your email engagement without lifting a finger.

Welcome to the Family

Whether you’re selling widgets or executive coaching, when someone signs up for your email list for the first time it’s a magical moment. The sky is the limit and your consumer is brimming with interest. The step you take next is likely to have a lasting impact on your relationship with your customer. Are you aiming to knock it out of the park or simply phoning in a bunt? Your potential customer’s enthusiasm is at an all-time high and they are eager to learn more about your products or brand. Bring in your brand personality when you welcome them to the family instead of doing a basic “Great, yay, you managed to type in your email address without errors” message. The added time that you take to craft a welcoming message can net you 4x – 5x the open rate of standard email campaigns. Yes, really!

Pitch your benefits. Add a video. Convince and convert — and always provide your new friend with additional introductions or steps that make them feel at home. Automate a series of welcome emails that gently invites users into the fold, and you’ll see engagement rates multiply. Check out these examples from HubSpot to get some inspiration of your own.

Thanks For Your Order!

Regardless of how seasoned eCommerce shoppers are, there’s still that quick second of “Did my order go through?” questioning before you see that friendly order confirmation pop into your inbox. Order confirmations, shipping notices, and return or exchange emails have the potential to be extremely dry and boring. They are giving you the necessary details, but are they also encourage you to return to the website and grab something that you missed the first time around? If they’re not upselling for your brand, they’re only performing half of their job! People love this type of email because they’re an expected quantity. With 70% of customers opening their order confirmation emails, this is the ideal time to grab additional attention. This is especially true because the average mail recipient spends a stunning 14 seconds reading their order confirmations.

Great Open Rates on Order Confirmation Emails 

Order confirmations and such are fantastic as they allow you to do two things incredibly well: personalize and scale. If your eCommerce site is hitched to your email marketing platform, you can bring in past purchases to prompt a reorder or tempt your reader with a related item that they’ve recently browsed on your site. Several small- to mid-size email marketing platforms offer automation, so you can create a series of customized emails with a few simple clicks. Personalization today goes far beyond the first line of the email and can bring in details such as how long individuals have been a customer, their preferences, recent orders and much more. Each piece of information is another engagement opportunity that can be translated into a sale.

Optimizing all of your individual emails or series of emails can be a daunting task. Instead of attempting to revamp your entire digital marketing campaign, why not start small? Creating a truly amazing welcome series and set of transactional emails is an achievable goal and one that will pay big dividends as time goes on. Don’t forget to do A/B testing on these important emails, too!