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Twitter Making It Easier to Grow Your Brand

Whether you want to build a brand from scratch or put an old one in front of new customers, make sure you handle with care. More than a logo, a brand is both a personality and a manifesto.At PBJ, every branding strategy is built upon insight. How do your targeted consumers make product decisions? What do they like? What do they value? Gaining a thorough understanding of the company, the brand and all your target audiences provides the insight we need to execute accurately. And thanks to social media, expanding your brand just got easier.

Now you can promote Tweets across different apps

In a recent blog post, Twitter announced it will offer promoted Tweets and promoted video within other apps that their target audience uses. Called Twitter Audience Platform, the initiative aims to push Tweet engagements and video views.These are some of the new creative features outlined by the social network:· Customizable call to action buttons to help you more efficiently drive your desired user action· Tweet engagement campaigns on Twitter become interstitial and native ads· Promoted Video campaigns are turned into in-app video ads· App install and re-engagement campaigns become interstitial or banner adsDuring the beta launch of Twitter Audience Platform, numerous partners experienced great success. In July, Macy’s (@Macys) ran a campaign to increase brand awareness, and here’s what the company’s Digital Media Strategy Group Vice President Serena Potter had to say:“By extending our ad campaign from Twitter to mobile apps, we were able to drive incremental reach, strong performance, and promotional efficiencies,” Potter said. “We achieved an engagement rate of 7.85%, which surpassed industry benchmarks for mobile display campaigns. The Twitter Audience Platform allowed us to easily connect with our audience throughout their day. Expanding the reach of the Promoted Tweet into apps made for a unique ad unit that drove strong engagement with our brand.”

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