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Transforming Your Digital Marketing From Good to Great

David Bosley

Digital marketing isn’t difficult to get up and running in today’s digital age. You can start blogging within minutes and even generate a great professional looking website within an hour using the right template and service provider. Email marketing platforms have made organizing your lists and creating a great looking message simpler than ever. But the real problem isn’t just putting a digital marketing strategy together in the first place. All of your competition is doing the same. If you’re not going above and beyond, you’ll never get heard among all the noise.

In order to actually make a difference for your organization, you must find a way to stop doing good digital marketing and start doing great digital marketing. By transforming the way you think and implement your strategies, you’ll stop floundering in the middle and start flourishing on the edges.

Here are four ways you can transform your digital marketing from good to great:

1. Focus Everything on Needs

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how slick and creative your marketing is. Your ultimate goal is to deliver a message to your audience: how you can solve their needs. Optimize your website for an exceptional user experience. Create content that adds value and delivers the information your audience is looking for. Use your emails to deliver timely messages that do the same. As you review your digital marketing strategy, make sure every decision is wrapped around what your customer’s ultimate needs are and you’ll find that the message starts hitting home much more efficiently.

2. Align Channels With Goals

Your overall message must stay consistent but don’t forget that every marketing channel doesn’t have the same purpose. Paid search advertising, for example, tends to have strong performance since it’s focused on an audience that is actively looking for a solution. By their definition, they’re closer to the bottom of your sales funnel.

As you plan out your digital marketing strategy, consider where each channel fits into your sales funnel. Use this information to carefully tailor your messaging and strategy for its specific purpose. As an added bonus, this helps you keep your overall strategy coherent and organized, which is also the sign of great digital marketing.

Make sure every single one of your marketing channels is aligned with your sales funnel and marketing goals.

3. Collaborate Often

recent study found that the majority of the most successful digital marketing teams meet at least once per week to review and update their digital marketing strategies. Great digital marketing campaigns are often born of collaboration, with a team of talented marketers discussing their successes, failures, and ideas. Allowing your creative juices to flow together once a week brings you closer as a team and ensures that you have a constant, steady flow of new information and ideas.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Some Risks

Typical, by-the-book marketing campaigns aren’t memorable. They might not ever be an utter failure, but they’re also probably not going to be a home run, either. If you keep trying the same thing over and over again, you’re unlikely to ever see true improvement unless you buck the comfort of the familiar once in a while. Look at what your competition is doing and see where they aren’t. Take your risks and control them with careful testing and budgeting. As long as you’re smart about when to take your shot, you’ll be able to afford some failure.