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Top 4 Ways In-Home Smart Devices Will Change Marketing

Phillip Reinhardt

Do you have a smart phone? Probably. Do your parents? More than likely. What about your grandparents? It’s a pretty safe bet that your grandparents or even great grandparents have some sort of communication device with enhanced functionality. Whether this is an Apple Watch, Android phone or a Google Home hub, these devices are changing the way marketers communicate with prospects and customers — for the better. However, you better get ready to integrate these new non-visual communication methods into your marketing plan, or your competitors will be leaving you in the dust. Here’s the top 4 ways you can leverage smart home devices in your next marketing push.

Marketing With Smart Devices

1. Optimizing for Local Search

Local search functionality offers immediate access to your company right when customers are ready to make a purchase. Today, that’s every bit as likely to be via an Amazon audio device as through a desktop Google search, making it critical to optimize your presence in a way that lends itself well to audio searching. Even things as simple as asking about the weather can lead to a request for more information about your organization in a variety of different ways. GPS locators on these smart devices allow you to more closely target people in your geographic vicinity with timely offers for your goods and services.

2. Deeper Data Dives

IoT devices are able to access a wide range of information that marketers can use to micro-target customers. However, it’s what you decide to do with this data that makes the difference between smart marketers and those who are overrun with information that’s not useful. Pick the pieces of data that truly move the needle for your customers. For instance, a oil change shop could determine how many miles per day customers are driving, and push notifications via an app reminding that its time for an oil change or service. While this level of information is often available, you have stay on the correct side of the “creepiness factor” line at all times.

3. Find New Partners

Looking for a great way to introduce your products and services to a new crowd? Look for partners in the IoT space. A great example is a shoe company or a coaching team working with a fitness wearable device. The way that these products work together to improve the overall wellness of the customer makes this a match made in marketing heaven. If you’re not sure who would be a good fit, work with a digital marketing agency to brainstorm partners and strategies for moving in this direction.

4. Answer Needs Immediately

Today more than ever, your customers are ready and willing to adopt new tech, especially if it means that they can achieve immediate gratification of their needs. Amazon’s Prime Now service is one example of fast-response shopping. Working with partners such as Amazon to promote your goods and services on their Alexa-ready devices can provide you with a ready market that you may not have tapped without this option. Expect podcasts and audio-based advertising to continue to grow as the aging population becomes more comfortable with having this type of tech at their fingertips at home.

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