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The Best Offense Is a Good Defense: Tips to Avoid Digital Marketing Scams

David Bosley

To the team at PBJ Marketing, working with our clients is so much more than just a business arrangement… it’s a partnership. We pay attention to your needs and goals to tailor a perfect digital marketing experience.

We wish this were true across the board for all digital marketing agencies, but according to Forbes, there are numerous digital marketing scams out there that countless companies fall victim to every year.

So before you sign on the dotted line and enter an agreement with a predatory marketing agency, consider the following:


Don’t rush into anything
Every agency you talk to should be heavily scrutinized. What does their portfolio look like? (PBJ’s looks pretty good, BTW.) Can the company provide client testimonials? Sometimes even a simple Google search containing the agency’s name with the words “fraud” or “scam” can yield some eye-opening results.


Make sure you’re in the loop
The success of digital marketing campaigns is easily measured. Whether it’s increased site traffic, higher email clicks, or additional likes of Facebook, an agency should present measurable improvements daily, weekly, and monthly. It’s a major red flag if they refuse to provide continuous updates and reports.


They provide data, but no recommendations
Every report should contain data points and insights on what occurred with your campaign over the last 30 days. Based on data, a digital marketing strategist should be able to make a predictive analysis on ways to make improvements.

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