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The Future Is Now: Facial Recognition May Impact Email Marketing Campaigns

Phillip Reinhardt

Starting in 2016, there are expected to be some new technologies to make digital marketing much more efficient. One of our favorite ones that we can’t wait to see in action is facial recognition software.

Yes, we’re serious! This may seem like something out of a Sci-Fi flick, but according to Marketing Land columnist Jason Warnock, email marketers may soon be able to use facial recognition software to get more subscribers into stores. Brands that develop a reputation for using this type of technology will be able to entice shoppers the moment they step through the doors.

“For example, let’s say shoppers know they can earn promotions when they walk into a store – a deal they can’t get anywhere else,” Warnock writes. “While e-commerce is a valuable component of any omnichannel sales experience, and shoppers may still do their research online, brands can use deals delivered via facial-recognition software to lure consumers back into stores to make a purchase.”

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