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The Eye of the Robot – Introducing A.I. to Your Customer Service Experience

Technology changes the way consumers interact with brands. Digital marketing devices that were successful in the past - such as a landing page - now serves as an unnecessary middleman. So, what’s the new conversion platform between consumers and brands? Conversation.However, we’re not talking about picking up the phone and speaking to a sales rep. According to a recent survey conducted by Ovum, 53% of consumers favor talking to a business on a chat app. Meanwhile, a study conducted by Ubisend found that a similar share of consumers feel businesses should be able to respond to inquiries 24/7.Staffing employees to man your chat boxes 24 hours a day can be a costly endeavor. That’s where chatbots come in handy. But before you unleash the power of artificial intelligence, there are a few things you need to know.

Will a chatbot solve your problems?

Work with your company’s customer service providers to identify their short comings. Reach out to current and past customers and conduct surveys to highlight the pain points in your customer service process. Do you a think a chatbot can help solve this problem?

Plan the customer experience

We learned in the past that a lot can go wrong when the internet interacts with a bot. So you need to create a particular pathway for users. Ask yourself, does it make sense for users to interact organically with a bot or should they only deal with a predetermined set of inquiries?

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