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The Best Nonprofit Conferences for Digital Marketers in 2019

David Bosley

Whether you’re jumpstarting a small business or you’re a nonprofit pro, garnering visibility as a digital marketer is important. Between fundraising appeals, peer-to-peer fundraising, donor databases, and brand representation, there’s a lot to consider in the nonprofit world.

While you can attend free nonprofit marketing webinars online, in-person learning is always better: You can network, meet industry gurus and get hands-on experience with today’s leading strategies. While a digital marketing conference is an investment—it’s well worth the money.

If you’re ready to get out of the office, get into the fundraising scene and get inspired, check out this year’s hottest nonprofit marketing conferences. You’ll be glad you did.

DMAW Digital Day Forum

Hosted on June 4, the Digital Day Forum directed by Direct Marketing Association of Washington promises up-close-and-personal looks at some of the nation’s hottest fundraising strategies. It takes place in Washington, DC, but we feel it’s worth the trip.

The event focuses on prioritizing digital “tech talk,” helping marketing teams leverage all opportunities which come their way. The conference hosts industry gurus, discussing donation page optimization, SMS, software selection and data privacy. Event co-chair Colleen Hutchings from Chapman Cubine and Hussey will be there—and the event’s visitors promise an inspiring time.

The event focuses on helping marketers get the best insight around, so its featured smart integration techniques are adaptable to most online strategies. By hanging out with the industry’s leading experts, you’ll get immediate access to today’s leading nonprofit tactics. You’ll also get answers to some of the most pressing digital marketing questions around. Take a trip to DC if you want to learn to boost your revenue. More importantly, consider the trip if you want a nonprofit conference which focuses on bolstering consumer response in the digital world.

The 2019 Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference

Also taking place alongside the MAXI Awards hosted by the Direct Marketing Association of Washington, this event is considered to be one of the hottest upcoming nonprofit marketing conferences around. Created by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the 2019 Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference places networking at the forefront.

Bridge conference doesn’t only give attendees information—it pushes them to engage with their peers, examining industry trends in direct exposure events. Last year’s Bridge Conference prioritized science and art, handling their meshwork’s integration in the strategic fundraising scene. This year, the event boasts a powerful Change the World theme—focusing on the ideals and ideas which drive today’s nonprofit scene.

Bridge Conference sessions discuss today’s latest, greatest techniques and strategies, riding on its place as—what most consider—the top non-profit professional event. Bridge conference focuses on direct consumer response, planned individual giving strategies, corporate giving, special event planning and more. It’s packed with great ideas—and its annual presence never fails to surprise event-goers. Bridge Conference takes place from July 10 to July 12 at National Harbor, Maryland.

BBCON 2019

Taking place in Nashville, TN from October 15 to 17, BBCON 2019 is another fantastic tech conference you won’t want to miss. Provided by Blackbaud and Convio, the conference both provides extensive support for Blackbaud users and fundraiser kickstarters alike. The conference is all about collaboration, helping users get the most out of their workflow. Situated in a massive expo hall, BBCON 2019 helps thousands of administrators, executives and marketers alike discover today’s biggest trends—and tomorrow’s innovations.

BBCON has an impressive track record of expert attendees, spanning from Blair Underwood to Michael B. Moore. Marketers are incited to expand their visions alongside these keynote speakers, too, which helps BBCON progress well beyond the typical nonprofit expo. Each dedicated session is outfitted with the tools marketers need to reach many markets, including cause-based nonprofits, cultural organizations, faith communities, educational institutions, foundations, healthcare organizations and more.

Plus, event-goers are invited to join Blackbaud University Day—which is an express path to becoming an efficient Blackbaud power user. From deep-dive training to hands-on demonstrations, Blackbaud University Day offers some of the most intuitive utilities to help users formulate, execute and refine their own strategies.

The Netroots Nation Conference

The Netroots Nation Conference, crafted diligently by Netroots Nation and the Netroots Foundation, is one of the best conferences for fundraisers who’re political activists. Netroots attendees are cordially invited to take charge with the industry’s most important forefronts, learning how to rally behind, lift and promote minorities across the nation.

The event’s pre-Conference phase is all about networking, wherein attendees can meet grassroots organizers, fundraiser pros and digital professionals alike—covering topics like digital communication, optimization, and continual testing via hands-on strategies. The Netroots panel setup, meanwhile, includes topics on almost every progressive issue. Past keynote speakers include Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris and more.

Netroots is amazing for post-event opportunities, too. While the conference takes place between July 11 and July 13 in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, the post-event roundup helps attendees collaborate with industry professionals to craft a brighter future for those in need. Event-goers are invited to collaborate at a caucus, building relationships able to last a lifetime.

ENCC by Engaging Networks

All conferences are different. Sometimes, a smaller showcase provides the networking opportunities responsible for the success of tomorrow’s biggest industry impactors.

The Engaging Networks Community Conference, or ENCC, is its provider’s most important event lineup of the year. It’s a bit smaller, as Engaging Networks prefers personalized events which serve to showcase its platform. At ENCC, event-goers are promised one-on-one conversations, however.

Attendees can connect with other users, learning how to better innovate with Engaging Networks. Then, attendees are introduced to the ENCC team and partners—engaging the community from the inside out. Taking place in Washington DC every October, the annual ENCC East event lineup is one of the most important showcases the world of fundraising has to offer.

The Giving Institute Summer Symposium

This event takes place in Seattle, WA, from July 11 to July 13, giving consulting pros something to look forward to. Formally The American Association of Fundraising Counsel, The Giving Institute kicked off its learning opportunities back in 1991. Prioritized by marketers for its splendid intelligence-sharing capabilities, the Institute’s Summer Symposium targets consulting professionals and philanthropists alike.

Attendees work together to discuss, identify and solve some of the industry’s toughest hurdles, then crafting custom-tailored strategies to make superior fund-raising campaigns. Attendees are joined by Institute professionals the entire way, initiating ongoing discussions and review to get a better handle on the world’s leading technologies.

The fun doesn’t stop there, either. The Giving Institute prides itself upon its ability to offer ongoing solutions, and it hosts special communication events to give the industry’s professional leaders both an inside and outside look at the AAFRC. They can then interact with other industry professionals collegially—exploring the profession’s best offerings.

The Giving Institute Summer Symposium stands out due to its national setting, one which allows interested parties to explore industry standards, changing practices and innovative solutions in a serious, flexible environment. While older industry pros have a lot to look forward to, the Symposium is often touted for being a superior event for young professionals.

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Kicking off in San Diego, CA between October 28 to October 30, the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference brings in a slew of thought leaders to help new and experienced marketers, alike, enhance their communications, storytelling, leadership and fundraising.

Great stories not only raise money—they drive donor engagement. Driven by thought leaders like Dawn Cogan, Jordan Harris, Teresa Verraes and Rabbi Ben Septon, the conference’s reach is wide—encompassing a variety of nonprofit-related avenues. From social media to grant planning, the conference jumps into the waters of online fundraising headfirst, helping sponsors, future donators and digital marketing thought leaders craft the winning strategies of tomorrow.

The conference is also a great opportunity for anyone who’s involved in planned giving, direct response mail and community outreach. Its Expanded Story Labs let event-goers get one-on-one assistance with industry writers, helping them network not only in San Diego—but all around the country. The conference is also held online, so interested marketers can browse over 35 sessions recorded on video.

Engage for Good 2019

Held on May 29 and May 30 in Chicago, IL, Engage for Good is a yearly gathering of the nation’s top corporate social impactors. From nonprofit brands sharing trends to corporate leadership teams, the event’s annual attendees are some of the most impactful gurus in today’s industry.

Engage for Good is all about sharing trends, top practices and today’s practical execution tactics—helping marketers and fundraiser kick-starters build a better world from the bottom up. While the program lineup features some of today’s top social impact brands, the event’s pre- and post-conference workshops are commonly touted as the highlight; these workshops offer a highly intuitive, deep-dive opportunity within small settings for attendees—sharing the industry’s hidden gems before they’re discovered.

Every year, nonprofit professionals strive to meet the world’s most impactful pros. If you get the chance, check out these conferences before they’ve passed. Check out the best nonprofits, brands and agencies of today, and take a look at the top minds behind the corporate social initiatives of tomorrow.