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The 20 Best Podcasts for Digital Marketing Professionals

Phillip Reinhardt

Podcasts are nothing new to marketers. We know that younger audiences listen to less radio and more streaming options, like podcasts. Even podcast enthusiasts are growing. From 2017 to 2018, the amount of content consumed by those who listen to podcasts grew by 40%. It’s clear that there are plenty of opportunities for us to leverage podcasts as an important form of content, as we discussed in detail in our article ‘Podcasts: A New Wave in Radio Marketing’.

However, we can extract more value from podcasts than simply using them ourselves. As marketing professionals and entrepreneurs, there are hundreds of great podcasts run by experts that provide useful insights and thought-provoking anecdotes. Instead of listening to music during your morning commute or afternoon jog, you should consider throwing one of the below podcasts on. You might extract a tidbit or strategy that helps take your own marketing to the next level.

Here are twenty of the best podcasts for digital marketing professionals:

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

1. How I Built This

Run by NPR, this is a podcast about innovators and entrepreneurs talking about the companies they founded and the ideas that they sparked. Quite literally, they discuss how they built their empires. You’ll find episodes containing the stories of some of the most popular and trendy companies around today, including Square Space, Airbnb, and Whole Foods.

2. Eventual Millionaire

Eventual Millionaire is hosted by Jaime Masters, a self-made entrepreneur who believes that life is about not just making money, but loving what you do. Each week, she interviews somebody who became a self-made millionaire to find out who they are, what they do, and what advice they have for other curious entrepreneurs.

3. StartUp

StartUp is an incredible concept for a podcast. It’s a show about what it’s like to start a podcast company, which is actually the company that runs this exact podcast. The result is that you can follow along as they make progress, make mistakes, and struggle to make it big. It provides such an honest and unique vantage point inside a growing company that ABC created a television show based on the concept, starring Scrubs lead man Zach Braff.

4. Upside

Upside is a podcast for everyday entrepreneurs. Specifically, it’s a podcast for any entrepreneur that doesn’t live in silicon valley. Host Rusty Shelton’s goal is to find the biggest upsides in business and does so by talking to entrepreneurs weekly. Each episode, he’ll interview them and talk about why it would make sense to invest in their company.

Podcasts for Digital Marketing Professionals

5. Exposure Ninja

Exposure Ninja is hosted by Tim Cameron-Kitchen, a digital marketing expert who wants to know how digital marketing is transforming today’s businesses. Each episode, he talks to a new guest about social marketing, SEO, PPC, or any other digital marketing strategy that they have used to build and grow their company.

6. The Science of Social Media

Each week, this podcast releases a fifteen-minute episode dedicated specifically to social media strategies. They discuss topics like the latest changes to social media algorithms, writing Instagram captions that generate engagement, and breaking down successful social media posts to figure out what makes them successful. If you’re trying to grow your audience or advertise successfully on social media, this podcast will give you a helping hand.

7. Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM is a great podcast for all things content marketing. If you’re interested in copywriting, blog posts, or even crafting the perfect email, this podcast is right up your alley. Once per week, host Sonia Simone brings in another content marketing expert to give their best advice and break down the latest news and trends.

8. Duct Tape Marketing

This is the perfect podcast for digital marketing professionals who need to stretch their budget as far as possible. Host John Jantsch brings in a new industry expert and thought leader for each episode, with conversation geared towards maximizing return on a tight budget. Not only does it touch on digital marketing, but it also has a strong sales orientation, too.

9. Art of Paid Traffic

Art of Paid Traffic, as you would expect, is a podcast all about digital advertising. Each episode provides online marketing advice from leading industry experts with a focus on digital advertising. No matter how large or small your budget is, you’ll gain insight from Rick Mulready and his guests with “zero fluff, guaranteed”.

10. Growth Byte

If you want to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends but literally only have a couple of free minutes each day, Growth Byte has your back. New episodes are released every single day with the latest growth content summarized into two or three-minute audio bytes. This podcast proves that no matter how little time you have, there’s always time to learn.

Podcasts for Brand Strategists

11. Design Matters

This was the very first podcast on iTunes dedicated specifically to the art of design, and it’s still going strong today. Debbie Millman has created over 200 episodes with the world’s leading artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, talking to them about the design process and creative thinking in general.

12. Building a Storybrand with Donald Miller

This is the perfect podcast for anybody struggling with branding. The Building a Storybrand podcast sets out to help anybody who is struggling to deliver their brand’s message effectively. Donald Miller is an excellent host, delivering practical information in an entertaining way. Guests each week drive home strategies on developing and delivering a branding message, growing your company, and finding a way to have fun doing it.

13. Business Wars

Building a brand is all about finding what makes your company different and more valuable than the rest of your competition. That’s what the Business Wars podcast is all about. Every episode, host David Brown takes a look at two rival companies and talks about the key differences and strategies defining them. Examples include McDonald’s and Burger King, Xbox and PlayStation, and, of course, Coca Cola and Pepsi.

These podcasts are perfect if you’re trying to hash out your brand strategy or improve upon it.

Podcasts for All Marketing Professionals

14. Productivityist

This is the perfect podcast for any marketer or business professional who wants to be more strategic with their time. Each week, host Mike Vardy talks to his guests about productivity strategies and time management tips. If you feel like you’re not making the most of each day, this is a great podcast to help get back on track.

15. Pick the Brain

The goal of this podcast, hosted by Erin Falconer and Jeremy Fisher, is to make sure every listener uses their brain to its maximum potential. They talk each week with leaders in productivity, health, and self-improvement. Not every episode talks about marketing or even business specifically, but getting the most out of yourself should be a goal for every single digital marketer.

16. TEDTalks Business

TEDTalks is an international brand of public speakers sharing their incredible stories. The TEDTalks Business podcast, as you would guess, is focused specifically on the business world. Each snack-sized episode is 15 minutes or less, with stories from some of the world’s very best innovators and business minds. Since each episode is so short, you can fit it into any schedule, no matter how short your commute is or how little free time you have.

17. Harvard Business Review Ideacast

This weekly podcast is dedicated to picking the brains of the world’s leading experts in business and management. Topics run the spectrum from marketing to solving issues such as the gender gap, but you’ll learn something every single episode. Start off by downloading episode 645, Understanding Digital Strategy with Sunil Gupta, a Harvard Business School professor.

18. The $100 MBA Show

Host Omar Zenhom has a unique story. He attended the prestigious Wharton School of Business but grew disenchanted with the education system and decided that there had to be a better way, so he dropped out and founded his $100 MBA community. His episodes focus on real, actionable advice in a compact format. No matter what problem you’re struggling with in your business, The $100 MBA Show has something for you.

19. Marketing Companion

If you don’t want to spend your free time listening to dry, boring audio, Marketing Companion is probably right up your alley. The Marketing Companion focuses on a mix of entertainment and education. Each week, they talk to their guests about various marketing topics, case studies, and real-world applications. Every episode is sure to be both interesting and informative.

20. The Tim Ferriss Show

Hosted by Tim Ferriss, the author of the revolutionary The 4-Hour Workweek, this podcast is all about finding ways to be a high-performer effectively. You’ll find time management and mindset advice from an incredible array of guests like Tony Robbins and Katie Couric.

If you’re curious about more ways to leverage audio content in your digital marketing plan, take a look at our article ‘Why Ages-Old Audio May Be the Next Hot Marketing Trend’.