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Taking Advantage of Amazon’s New and Improved Sponsored Products

David Bosley

Toward the end of 2017, Amazon began phasing out the way that their Amazon Sponsored Product advertisements were delivered to consumers by slowly eliminating the right rail. This was not an officially announced change, but nonetheless has been confirmed by the company. Instead, ads will be placed solely in more native positions within the Amazon search results pages.

This is an important turn of events because Amazon’s Sponsored Products are a critical way for online retailers to boost their visibility on Amazon’s platform and directly drive sales. This is an enormous benefit for advertisers. Since ads will be placed solely in native places, it will be harder for potential buyers to know the difference between an advertisement and a natural search result. Ultimately, it means that advertising on Amazon will be more powerful than ever before.

To take advantage of these changes, all you need to do is advertise on Amazon. Here are four tips for getting started:

1. Use Automatic Targeting to Test

One handy feature Amazon Sponsored Product ads offer is known as automatic targeting. This automatically shows your ads to users when they search for something Amazon thinks is relevant to you. Letting this run with a very limited budget is a great way to see what terms people are using to find products like yours. You can then set the best results manually, and test them as you would any of your other campaigns (obviously, you must always test everything over and over again!).

2. Track Specific Products

Amazon allows you to set different products to specific campaigns and change them up as you go. It’s important to always dive in and see how each specific product is performing. You might find that while one campaign is performing spectacularly, a couple products aren’t selling at all. You can remove those ads and focus on the ones that are actually selling, boosting your results even more.

3. Start Big and Slowly Whittle Down

Amazon is an enormous platform, and you’re going to have a lot of competition for some keywords. Other keywords might be closely related to your product, but simply won’t be exactly what a searcher is looking for. To really succeed selling with Amazon Sponsored Products, you need to start with an enormous list of keywords – preferably more than a hundred. Set small budgets and track performance like a hawk. As you start understanding what works and what doesn’t, you can remove keywords that aren’t performing and allocating resources to maximize your return.

Once you learn which products are hitting the mark for your campaigns, you’ll drive even better results

4. Blocks Ads From Specific Keywords

Much like Google Adwords, Amazon Sponsored Products program lets you select specific terms that you don’t want your products to appear for. Choosing these strategically saves you money and ensures your impressions are only given to people who are the most interested in your product. A good example is if you offer iPhone covers, but don’t offer anything that’s pink. You’ll want to block phrases such as ‘pink iPhone covers’.

Selling with Amazon Sponsored Products is tricky, even if you’re a Google AdWords expert. The platforms are similar, but there are differences that can throw even experienced marketers off. Analyzing and harvesting the reports Amazon provides, for example, isn’t as intuitive as you might like it to be. The good news is that we here at PBJ Marketing have plenty of experience with Amazon and any other digital marketing platform you can imagine. If you need a quick hand, all you have to do is click here to reach out to us.