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Tailoring Your Digital Marketing For an Older Audience

Phillip Reinhardt

Digital marketing has become increasingly focused on Millennials for good reasons. They’re extremely savvy and have become the single generation with the most purchasing power. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to focus all of your marketing efforts around them. When you combine older generations, specifically Baby Boomers and Generation X, they have much more impressive purchasing.

Additionally, these older generations are also becoming savvier every year. In fact, 60% of Baby Boomers have at least one social media profile and read blogs. They spend 27 hours a week online on average, which is actually more than Millennials between the ages of 16 and 34 do. You just cannot ignore your older audience when it comes to digital marketing. Doing so dramatically limits your potential market share and leaves the door open for your competition to swoop in.

So how do you build great content specifically geared towards Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers? It isn’t quite as tricky as you might think. Here are five things to keep in mind as you tailor your digital marketing to an older audience:

1. Independence is Important

The Baby Boomer generation was also known as the “Me Generation.” They tend to be very individualistic, especially as they mature. Anything that helps promote independence is a big plus. Focus your message on how you can specifically help them out. Use any examples that you can. Keep your eyes on the individual benefits and the message should hit home.

2. Understand Their Lifestyle

Baby Boomers and Generation X aren’t generations that are old and worn down. Many of them are still actively working and planning their retirement. They’re trying to pay down debts and enjoy themselves just as younger generations are. Focus on messaging that helps them live exciting, fulfilling lives. Whatever you do, however, don’t patronize them and try to slow your advertising down. At worst, you’ll miss the mark and at best you may insult them.

One thing to keep in mind is that older generations do tend to have slightly worse eyesight than average. Whenever you’re putting together digital marketing for an older audience, focus on bold, easy-to-read fonts. Cut out any background noise you can. The simpler it is to read the better.

3. Know Where They Are

Just because older generations are using the Internet as often as younger generations are doesn’t mean that they’re using it the same way. For example, Facebook has lost a lot of traction among younger users but continues to maintain growth thanks to older generations. They’re also more likely to appreciate the long-form content, such as in-depth how-to guides and long informative videos versus short, snappy content.

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform among older generations.

4. Spell Things Out

These generations have a great deal of knowledge and experience, but they’re not necessarily part of the texting generation. Avoid using abbreviations and Internet slang whenever possible. There’s a chance it could confuse them and drive them away. Even if it doesn’t, they may view it as unprofessional and leave with a bad taste in their mouths anyway.

5. Make Information Easy to Find

Old generations spend plenty of money online. They love to do in-depth research before making a purchase, so make sure you have everything ready for them. Your landing pages should include less flash and more substance. Make it easy to find additional information and easy to purchase from those pages.