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Why You Should Start Using Facebook’s Lead Generation Ads TODAY

Phillip Reinhardt

It’s really not overstating to say that Facebook fundamentally changed the game with their introduction of lead generation ads in 2015. Previously, advertisers needed to attract attention, encourage a click off of social media, create an enticing landing page and ultimately get a prospect to enter their information. With Facebook lead generation ads, the ask is simple: one click to learn more on the ad, their information is pre-filled in the form, and one click to submit. With the lack of friction involved in getting prospects signed up to learn more about your organization or for a free trial, why aren’t you using Facebook lead generation ads? Get started today!

Importance of Lead Generation

Advertising on social media is to build brand awareness or sell stuff, right? Sure, but that’s not all you can do on these versatile advertising platforms. While businesses traditionally think of Facebook as a warm-fuzzy way to interact with audiences and possibly place some ads to make a sale, Facebook is a sophisticated advertising and content marketing engine that can truly help your business take flight. Lead generation is important for so many reasons:

  • Communicating directly with customers and prospects via email
  • Learning more about your audience through progressive profiling on your website
  • Having a ready-made list of engaged prospects for sales messages
  • Large enough audiences can be leveraged for ad dollars for external advertisers
  • Generating names for your sales team to follow up with directly
  • Keep the top of your marketing funnel full of qualified and interested prospects

With all of these benefits, the question becomes: What’s the best way to generate a large number of leads very quickly?

Are Facebook Lead Generation Ads Easy?

Micro Targeting

Depending on the type of business you have, you may or may not want to use local targeting. For instance, a U.S.-based organization would likely limit their audience to the U.S. and perhaps Canada, while a local auto mechanic would need to stick within their zip code and perhaps a 30-mile radius beyond that area. The same is true for other types of targeting, such as by age, gender, whether the individual is a parent, teacher, professional or stay-at-home Mom. All of this information and thousands of other options like interests, causes and even estimated annual income are available as part of Facebook’s targeted advertising platform. Targeting your message to the right person at the right time for them to take the action you want to encourage takes time and effort and a good understanding of your ideal audience.

Why Facebook Lead Gen Rocks

Marketers are in love with Facebook lead gen ads, and for good reason. Facebook has made it so incredibly simple to gather verified contact information from users that conversion rates are skyrocketing. When a user taps an ad to indicate interest, a pre-filled form pops up and allows them to verify or update their information. Then, the user taps again and you receive a lead! What’s even better is that the ads can be integrated with several popular marketing automation platforms, allowing you to immediately follow up and begin a conversation with your new audience member. All of this happens without leaving Facebook, so the process is unbelievably quick and painless for the prospect. These ads are also incredibly effective on mobile, which is good news if you’re interested in reaching the 1.15 BILLION daily active mobile users — a number that is seeing double-digit increases every year.

Fine-tuning a Facebook lead generation ad for optimal delivery and audience targeting is relatively straightforward, but it can take some time to get things right.

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