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Do You Need to Conduct a Digital Marketing Audit? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

David Bosley

A digital marketing audit is a critical component for long-term marketing success. Without a successful digital marketing strategy, your overall marketing will falter. And unless you’re regularly performing an audit of your digital marketing strategies, you’ll miss opportunities for improvement and allow your strengths to whittle away.

At its core, a digital marketing audit is quite simple. You’re going to list out and truthfully examine all of your overall digital marketing strategies, processes, and results. To help you get started, here are two things you need to know about a successful digital marketing audit:

Leave No Stone Unturned

You need to make sure that every single aspect of your existing marketing strategy is audited. This includes strategies that you’re knowingly not taking advantage of. For example, if you don’t have a defined social media strategy, why not? What opportunities are you leaving on the table? Where are those resources being allocated instead?

Here are some of the key areas you’ll need to examine and the questions you need to be asking.


  • What content is performing the best? Now you know what messaging is working, so make sure to create the same type of content in the future. Share these articles often and boost them on Facebook. Repurpose them into white papers, social media posts, or advertisements.
  • What isn’t working at all? Take a look at content that’s underperforming and see if you notice any patterns. Is a particular subject matter just not resonating with your audience? Perhaps it’s being published at a day or time that doesn’t allow it to gain the traction it needs.
  • Is anything outdated? If you have content that’s terribly outdated or no longer relevant, it’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity. You can repurpose it to create new content or put together an update and share it again.
  • What types of content are you missing? Podcasts are a good example of content that tends to be overlooked. They can perform very well and build great brand awareness and credibility.

Social Media

  • Do you have the right metrics in place? Take a step back and think about what your actual goals for social media are. Are you looking to drive conversions directly or just raise brand awareness and expand your audience? It’s not enough to just track metrics, you need to make sure you’re tracking the right ones.
  • What tactics have been successful enough to emphasize more? Just like your content marketing, you need to take a look at what’s working and what isn’t. When you find a message, style, or date and time that’s working, hammer it home. When you find something that isn’t working, think about how to switch it up.


  • What days and times are performing best for us? Email is exceptionally time-sensitive, even compared to other communication methods. Make sure you’re reaching out to your audience when they’re at their most receptive.
  • Are open and click-through rates trending up or down? You might need to simply change your messaging but your email list could also be stagnating. It could be time to ramp up an acquisition campaign.
  • Are any specific email domains performing worse than the rest? You must periodically check to see how you’re performing with specific email providers. Even if you’re doing well overall you could have developed a bad reputation with one or two domains and need to pull back and ramp it up slightly to boost your reputation again.


  • Is your website technically built to help search engines find you organically? Make sure your target keywords are up-to-date and that your metadata still hits the mark.
  • Is the branding crisp? You must have a consistent message across your entire website. It also needs to be captivating. Take an especially close look above the fold. Is there anything you can do to grab attention from the jump more effectively?
  • Are there any errors or dead pages that are hurting your page ranking? This includes but internal and external links. Make sure all images are loading and aren’t hampering page load time.

Speak With Everyone

One of your most important jobs in a digital marketing audit is to figure out whether or not there’s a disconnect between your goals, strategies, and actual processes. You can’t simply talk to executives or the management team to see if everything is running smoothly from their perspective. If you have lower level members of the marketing team handling any tasks, it’s vital to talk to them, too. As the employees closest to the day-to-day marketing operations, they’ll have their finger right on the pulse of what’s working and what isn’t. Many of your most profound insights will come directly from them.

It’s important to speak to everybody on the marketing team, not just those making the decisions.