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Is Your Business Poised to Take Advantage of the Holiday Selling Season?

David Bosley

A massive bump in holiday sales can make or break many businesses, but how can you be sure that you’re getting your fair share of the holiday pie? When your AdWords, display advertising, landing pages and social media are all ticking along seamlessly, beautiful things can happen on the sales front. If you haven’t already planned out your fall advertising and selling, the good news is that it’s not too late! These tips will help you get your business ready for the holiday shopping spree ready in no time.

Create a Sales Calendar

If your business sells more than one type of product, you probably need a promotional calendar to keep all of your sales straight. There are plenty of fancy online tools that you can use, but sometimes a big dry erase board is your best option. Sketch out the major holidays you want to target and count backward to determine when you’re going to do a special offer on a specific line. That way, even if you’ve got overlap you can see the major conflicts. A little planning of individual tactics now will keep you from panicked activity in the weeks before the holiday when you want to be spending time with friends and family. Even though 51% of retailers plan before September, if you get started now you can still be successful.

Coordinate Across Platforms

Once you’ve nailed down the strategy of what you want to sell and when you want to sell it, it’s time to get serious about tactics. Each communication channel should build on the messaging for the specific offer:

  • Social media posts during the period should be priming people for the particular product and include a CTA to your landing page
  • The homepage of your website should be themed to support the sale
  • Create landing pages for your advertising and social media pushes
  • Be sure product placements all support the efforts and messaging of the selling period
  • Consider product placement ads on Amazon — the ultimate selling machine for the holidays

A great way to get additional attention during the holidays is to have your social media posts leverage trending holiday topics. That way, you can get earned media attention without even adding a boost to your posts!

Planning Online Holiday Sales

Get Creative!

One of the most fun parts about holiday marketing for your business is all of the fun graphics treatments and fonts that you can utilize in your landing pages and other advertising creative. Don’t feel compelled to stick to tried-and-true holiday images of red and white Santa’s — think outside the box and bring in a nod to the season in a variety of different ways. Maybe your whole website takes on a new theme for the season, or you just add a quick slide-in ad that gets the point across. There are many different ways to incorporate seasonality without being over-the-top obvious and hokey with it. Your customers will likely appreciate a little subtle humor, which can really grab the attention of new prospects, too.