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Why a Rockstar Website Is a Pivotal Part of Your Digital Marketing Mix

David Bosley

What is your website? It’s a centralized location for all of your digital marketing activities. It’s where your customers go to get a contact number, where prospects decide if you’re a good fit and where customers look when they’re ready for an upgrade. It’s the landing page for all of your advertising and the place where social media prospects go to read your blogs. Your website SEO determines where your business lands in the brutal hierarchy of search engine results.

In short: it’s the heart of your business efforts and absolutely must be up to snuff.

Mapping the Journey

Each interaction that your customer has with your organization is a step along their journey from visitor to lead and ultimately beyond being a customer to become an advocate for your brand. Each drip down what you may think of as a traditional sales funnel can have multiple stops along the customer journey, as individuals interact with your business from an ever-increasing variety of directions. Social media interactions, different entry points on your website, reading a blog and ultimately filling out an interest form are all accomplished through your website. When your website and your digital marketing strategies are aligned, then beautiful things can happen as your message truly resonates.

Mapping Your Customer's Journey

Marketing Automation

One of the key steps of a customer journey includes being able to communicate effectively at various steps along the path. Marketing automation is the “secret sauce” that can turn a ho-hum website into a true rockstar of the marketing world. Imagine being able to trigger emails to people who visited a particular page of your site, even if they hadn’t added a product to your cart? Create a drip campaign that is a mix of email, text-messaging, website pop-ups and social ads that keeps people engaged? Your website is a key portion of the delivery system for these complex marketing activities.

Upgrade or Refresh?

If you’re like most organizations, you may have built a website or upgraded it within the last 5-10 years. However, when is the last time that you took a good, hard look at whether it’s serving all of your audience needs? If you’re not able to accurately track the journey of your customers, convince and convert your prospects and gain exceptional search result placement, you may have a big problem on your hands. Here’s a quick checklist to help you determine if it’s time to take a more active approach than building yet another landing page and either refresh or upgrade your website:

  • Poor site architecture is negatively impacting SEO and SEM
  • Lack of responsive website pages (pages that are not optimized for mobile or tablets)
  • You’re having trouble adding new functionality or necessary integrations (or your website platform is being deprecated)
  • There’s been a major push for updated branding that’s significantly different than your current site
  • Your website is running slowly and images aren’t loading properly


Taken alone, these individual items may not be reason enough to embark on a website refresh journey. If you’re seeing several of these issues together it may be time to work with a savvy digital marketing team to determine whether a rebuild would be easier than a heavy refresh to solve some of these mission-critical issues. Getting to a rockstar website doesn’t happen overnight, but taking the time and effort to invest in this primary communication vehicle is likely to pay off to the tune of more prospects converting to customers — and more customers becoming hardcore advocates of your brand.